Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Why is is so time consuming to stop following blogs?    Not that it applies to those of you reading this, of course!   But there are blogs that a while ago I clicked on Follow because either:

- it seemed like a good idea at the time
- they seemed funny at the time
- it was Blog of Note and I thought I'd check it out
- somebody recommended it

But later I decide that I don't find it funny, or the content has changed and it's all about sex (and really I don't want to read that) or it wasn't as interesting as I thought; or it's just not 'my thing', or in some cases there are no posts for months and months (Carol you are exempt from that rule!).  So occasionally I decide to have a weed out of my list.

That involves going to Manage Blogs, clicking on the settings for an individual blog, selecting 'Stop Following', waiting for it to register and either go back to the list of blogs, or crash and say it can't do it.  Repeat for other blogs.   Why can't the list have a tick box next to each one and at command at the bottom saying 'Stop Following selected blogs' ?

Or, since sometimes I can't remember from the title of a blog what it is about, if I've not looked at it for ages, it would be nice to be able to go to that blog as an aide-memoire, and be able to tick 'Un-Follow' in the same way that you tick Follow, on the blog page.  (Or can you do that and I've missed it?)

So, invariably I do a couple and then get fed up with how long it takes and go and do something more interesting instead.


  1. I so agree. It took me several attempts to sort out how to do it and then it is sooooooo time consuming. And somehow it seems a very negative thing to do to the people that you have so enthusiastically followed originally.

  2. Most of the ones I weed have at least 100 followers so they won't notice ;-)

  3. I think we all need to do that at some pt.. I was looking over my list and there are a few that haven't been by for 8 mos..I also feel our taste change..

  4. i so agree...i tried to weed out some of them last night and got frustrated. Mainly i go after bloggs that haven't posted in months, but it sure is a pain.

  5. *chuckling* Well......I don't know how it's a moot point for me.
    Don't tell me how. I'd then be stuck with the same quandry! LOL

    I like not knowing some things. :-/

  6. Juniper: Don't phase me out. I love bloging with you!!

  7. JJ, it's ok you're not on my hit list ;-)

  8. I agree the whole process is time consuming, but I rarely stop following a blog, only really if they delete it or stop posting for months and months.

    I do try to avoid blogs with hundreds of followers too, because I think they become too big, and their posts tend to be created to entertain the masses.

  9. Wow, I'm pretty new to blogger and didn't realize unfollowing was such a pain. I hope I don't go on any following rampages one night only to regret it the next day.

  10. Yeah I agree, unfollowing blogs is a pain in the arse and needs to be simpler.

  11. As soon as I saw the headline to this entry, my first thought was, "Please, not me!"

    I so hear you, though. I periodically return to my blogroll and the list of blogs I follow ( many ways to keep track of resources on the Web, and none of them really does the job well) and when I do, I'm often troubled by the decision to cut some of the fat out of my follows. For a while, I pasted the URLs of sites I cut into a Google Docs document.

    I'm odd like that!

  12. Well I hope you don't put me on your hit list either! I guess I don't really know the pain yet, too new to it all, and what I follow is still all important to far.... it's funny how we have many tastes and each one I follow has their importance...or darling dog attached to it!


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