Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pyjama day

Today is a pyjama day, nice satin PJs mind you, they are the only ones that feel right and comfortable for daytime wearing. I've never been able to relate to people who routinely wear nightwear during the day; it doesn't work for me unless I'm feeling really sick, in which case I am in bed or on the sofa with a duvet. I usually have to get dressed to feel that I have started the day and am out of 'sleeping' mode into 'doing' mode. And yes I know there are those who go to the supermarket in the PJs; I'm sorry but that is just all wrong!

After yesterday I have decided to change my studying method, and read a whole section marking up and writing notes in the margin; and then go back and write organised notes of the important bits afterwards. That way I feel as though I am progressive reading (instead of stop-start-notes) and I get to scan it again when I write the proper notes.  Let's see if that helps; it also means I can read in bed or on the sofa with just a pencil and a cup of tea, instead of having to have everything laid out on the table all the time.

This morning I made the big (to me) decision to start taking some DHC again; my leg has been quite painful this week, probably because of exerting it more using stairs and going into the office.   So rather than put a brave face on it I'll try taking just one DHC a day in the morning and see how it goes; at least now I understand the effects etc. and even a bit about how it works through neurons and synapses in the body, so it is educated drug-taking!


  1. It will probably be more effective now as you had run the last lot out your system. There is no shame in taking them your're in pain so take them as you need them. Be well Juniper and keep snuggled :)

  2. Oh....pajama day!

    .....yeah well...I'd never manage it unless I was sicker than sick. HOW people go shopping in their jammies....*shaking head* Beyond me!

  3. At least you aren't overusing the DHC.

    I love having PJ days, they're so comfy.

  4. Oh what a pretty looking pj set! ..I agree with you about wearing pj's in public, I thought that only happened in is especially icky when you meet them in a restaurant or go to grocery store and you just don't even want to imagine what or where those pj's have been! Very wrong peeps, put on some clothes! ha ha!

  5. Very pretty jammies but I agree, have to shower to start the day and therefore put clothes on!

    I remember someone telling me that if you hurt, you alter how you move to accommodate the hurt and that sets up more problems.So on that basis it must be better to take the painkillers as needed.

  6. Rosie: re the painkillers, yes someone else said the same thing to me. It's a toss up between that and the pain being a protection system to stop you doing things you shouldn't!

  7. Just to add to the debate: Last night I remembered a midwife telling me that 'you don't get any medals for hurting'!


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