Monday, 8 November 2010

Spot's Spot: Winter

Well I had a short day out today because Dad came home late morning because he wasn't well.

I was pretty relieved, look what I'm expected to go out in!   Thankfully Dad has started leaving me to sleep in his van for some of the day now.

Snow on the tops in Galloway Forest Park


  1. Glad Dad caught on! *wink, wink*....

  2. Either Spot is a dog and you're writing on his/her behalf, or I have to have a talk with your dad about making you sleep in a van in the snow. ;-)

  3. Sparkling Red: haha! yes Spot is Django our Pointer, he living in Scotland at the moment ;-)

  4. Took me a moment. *laughing* I was about to wonder HOW snow happened so darn fast....and what in the world was so brilliant about making you sleep in the van!

    But hold on..if that's a forest, pray tell WHERE are the trees?


  5. Oh no! Do you really have this cold wet stuff already!

  6. I had a moment of 'did your dad take you to work then?'...teach me to read the titles!
    Dad must have been very bad to bunk off. Hope he's feeling better soon.

  7. Mel: He was on his way to work not got there yet. But in any case his job is planting trees so generally they are already harvested, bare sites! Over here Forest/National Parks (my own New Forest included) are not totally covered in trees; they often have large areas of heathland in between the wooded areas.

    Karen: it was only on the higher ground apparently and was melting by the time he came back down.

    Rosie: Bit scary really, he's been fighting off a cold for about 2 weeks, and must have been the lower temperatures that made him nearly pass out on the site, not good when you're working on your own in the snow and the nearest other workers are a little way away. :-/ At least he had the sense to get off the hill and go home.


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