Thursday, 25 November 2010

Time and Music

Just a couple of days left til I leave to go home, it feels as though I've been here for weeks!   Although the weather has turned colder, sadly I don't think I'm going to be snowed in.  It feels odd thinking that I won't be up here again until 2011.

Last night we went into Ayr to a bar where Mr H has started playing their 'Open Mic' night on Wednesdays.  The bar has been closed for a while and just reopened under new management about three weeks ago, and are trying to encourage musicians who are just starting out; Mr H discovered it on one of his exploratory trips around Ayr. 

Last Wednesday he played for 15 minutes but had to leave to pick me up from the airport, so last night was his first proper visit as we were there all evening.  We met a few locals but it was very quiet as the bar is just getting going again.  They have asked Mr H to play a set on Saturday night so he will be stressing about that for the next two days!  He only plays songs he has written himself, and they seem to love it, so hopefully this will prove a good outlet for his music; he has always struggled down south as people only want to hear things they already know.


  1. Its nice to find somewhere your creativity can be appreciated, really hope it goes well for him. Is it guitar he plays I think I saw pictures of them in one of your posts.

    Enjoy your last few days with your boys :) have fun.

  2. Chibi, yes he plays guitar and sings. I was really proud of him last night, he sounded great :-)

  3. I've heard him, he's great x

  4. That's so cool that Mr. H does that. I love it when men are creative like that.


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