Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Latching on

In the garage, Mr H has a stack of workshop boxes with various things in them such as nails and spare car light bulbs; there is even one labelled 'fake £20 notes' but sadly it's always been empty.

My favourite is the one labelled:

Apart from the very satisfying rhyming of the label text, it is full of all sorts of - well, what it says on the box. Anything from tiny bolts, to window handles and old brass hinges. 

Yes we tend to collect stuff like that, I hesitate to say 'hoard' because it is in manageable proportions, but I like the fact that if we need just the right thing for a particular use, we are likely to be able to find something that will do the job in the garage. And it will usually be an old part, rather than a horrible shiny, weak willed new part from a shop.

What secret but incredibly useful store of stuff do you have that you have collected over the years?


  1. Art and craft stuff. Pipe cleaners to oil paints

  2. I have a collection of books and dvds and for a while i had little trinkets I used to play with but they got weeded out over the years

  3. *looking around for witnesses*

    Lots of 'em--
    Good toys.
    The kind that you take to boring meetings that everyone gives you looks about having but wants their turn at playing with 'em....

    Shhhhhh. *snickering*

    And that's just ONE of my stashes. :-/

  4. We too have such wonders as the junk boxes that hold those once in a blue moon things you suddenly need and I'm a horrible collector of books and have passed that on to my daughter already, (poor girl) and I still have my (1)and only first Barbie from my Grandma, all 4 of my baby dolls they are my forever childhood stash...a few years ago I started collecting brass lady bells. A friend got me started from her own antique shop! I may put these brass ladies in a blog someday....I even picked one up in England where most originate from. I love the keys in hole picture....nice!

  5. advice please:
    how do we move from "random boxes containing useful stuff" this eutopia you speak of?!

  6. Mel: why doesn't that surprise me ;-)

    MMP: umm... isn't that one of those 'if I was you I wouldn't start from here' answers? haha. We have a 'random things' bowl on the dresser where small things that have no home live, which gets cleared out about once every 5 years!


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