Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I have been reading about neurons and the central nervous system as part of my studies, in the biological psychology section.    I never took much interest in biology when I was at school but now I find such information interesting; and when studying psychology it is nice to have some black and white facts for a change, instead of the constant greyness of psychological theories.

Neurons are information processors, the little fellas who get notifications about pain and other tactile happenings to the brain and then back to the muscles for action. I think they are pretty cool.   It got me thinking about how my neurons had been affected by the crash and the fact that the shock means you don't feel the pain straight away.

This is what I think the neurons in my leg were saying:

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  1. you have the cutes way of explaining it

  2. I love your neurons...they made me smile :-)

    C x

  3. Awwwww, poor Juni and Juni's nerves

  4. Cute picture.

    I know what you mean about hurting later, when I fell down the stairs my coccyx took a whole day before it let my brain know it hurt then it kept telling it for weeks :( Thank goodness for Co-codamol is all I can say.

    Hows your pain management now has every thing settled down ?

  5. Oh, well said and very well illustrated.

  6. Ha! This is very funny... love it.

  7. well at least the pain has been good for something - a delightful little illo...well done

  8. Cute neurons, who'd've thought it.. ;-) I think they might pop up again sometime, I could get attached to them.

    CJ: ouch I bet it did! My leg is pretty achy most of the time, but nothing I can't handle. Now I've been reading about how drugs work (coincidentally in the studying) - very interesting!

    Julie, Kay and Kristin: Hello! thank you for calling in to my blog :-)

    dthaase: thanks!


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