Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Gateway to... where?

I put on my facebook status that I "want to work at the Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics" (yes it really exists, look it up), and facetious as that sounds I have been having odd bursts of excitement at where my OU course might lead me.  I have been particularly excited at the realisation that I may be able to combine my interests in the English Language with Psychology/Criminology.

My latest thrills came from reading last week's issue of New Scientist, which I buy about once every two months and is always interesting. This issue has several articles relevant to what I'm studying at the moment, including the different ways of thinking in different cultures (we in the West are the odd ones out); the configuration of intelligence in our brains, and the question of whether laughing is innate while crying is learned.

There is nothing like filling my head with questions about life and brains and cultures and animals and the world and dreams and reality, to take my mind off little glitches in my emotional state.


  1. Juniper: Let me know if you would like me to fill your head with some Criminological theories someday. There is much to ponder.

  2. Psycholinguistics sounds intresting been looking it up on Wikipedia. I must say I find it very intresting watching Eds learn to talk and make sense of the world. I derive great joy being able to hold conversations with him now and smile when he make a logical leap like when he wanted a new biscuit from the pack and I said he had a have eaten one here, he took the biscuit from my hand and dropped it on the floor intentionally with the exclamation of ooo I dropped it, dog hair (every thing end up in dog hair if it touches the floor no matter how much we hoover). I had to give him full marks for inginuity. Unlike many I actually encourage this thinking where as my mum and mum law would say he's naughty.

  3. that should have been half eaten one with regards to biscuits

  4. This photo has something to ponder. It's beautiful, and tempting at the same time...luring a person in but to where? It's like I know maybe I shouldn't enter but it just looks so darn intriguing...much like the depth of a good mind!

  5. Oh Juniper go for it! I did my Masters in Linguistics and had planned to pursue it further - but stupidly got married! :(
    I was only 21 and it lasted 3 years...

    Linguistics is my passion but what with teaching, another marriage, kids etc I've never gone back to do that PhD I was enrolled for. You follow your dream!

  6. Love especially the picture and the last paragraph x

  7. I double majored in English and Psychology. I take great joy in inventing words and watching the Brit sit and spin over it. *laughing*

    And I adore the photo....I'd haffta go in for a look-see! :-D
    Yes, I trespass on a regular basis.

    JJ and I need to have coffee. *laughing!*


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