Monday, 8 November 2010

February 1988

We were loading,
Or was it unloading,
Stuff from the back of the car

I said "Yes"

It had taken me five months;
I needed to be sure.
The fact that he waited patiently
Made me all the more certain.


Before we had the right moment
To mention it to my parents
My elder sister and her boyfriend arrived.

Her boyfriend went up to our parents' room
At midnight,
To ask for her hand in marriage.

We couldn't believe it,
There was no way we could say anything,

Not now.


  1. Awww, an anticipated moment taken away...I bet he picked a better moment tho...:-)

  2. Party Poopers! :( It was your moment!

  3. Oh no! They jacked your moment! What do you suppose the odds of that happening were? But all things happen for a reason. It'd be interesting to know the reason behind this one.

  4. They had no idea, it was the same day (well, night!). It was just 'what are the odds of that?' timing :-/

  5. Mustang Sally: it certainly was weird, but as you say maybe someone somewhere had a reason..

  6. One question. Did your early bird sister catch a worm of a guy, or is he okay? Just interested in irony.

  7. Oh no, can't be....I hope you finish more...because now it's a curious thing how long you had to wait, to make it feel right! Oh that's so sad. Does your sister know about it today, that you held off to let her have her special time!!!!!

  8. JJ: hmmm well since you ask, the former :-(

    Karen: Do you know, I can't remember whether I ever told her!

  9. Well it was a while ago, but I can't wait for the next episode! Did you both get married fairly close together...oh wait, I know, just sit back and wait for the story to unfold!


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