Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Spot's Spot: Holiday

Well, tell you I was mighty surprised to see Mum walk in the door on Wednesday night!!!   I gave her my biggest grin as I ran down the door to meet her.  Coooool, I wonder how long she is staying?

Dad didn't go to work for the last few days, instead the three of us went out in the van exploring and looking at stuff, here are some pics of me:

Me looking handsome (of course)

Checking out the view from Doon Castle

Are you coming, or what?

Whooaaa, vertical ladders into the dock are scary!!

Waves breaking over seaweed are also scary!!!

Today I didn't go to work, I've been in the flat with Mum.   I thought I heard Dad earlier on and had to go and check out all the rooms to see if he was hiding somewhere, but he wasn't.  Mum and I went for a walk round the field by the river this morning, she walks much slower than Dad. It gave me time for more sniffing though.


  1. glad you are having a good time with your Mum

  2. Oh how the my life as one of the coolest dogs is so grand! I love my life Mum....your loving Django.....

  3. Awww DJ is so cute!


  4. Great photos Juniper!

    The English sea-side can look so dramatic sometimes!

  5. Oh, what a cutie.
    And those steps down the side--ignore 'em and just jump right in!


  6. There was a harbourside oil-slick at the bottom, so we didn't encourage him ;-)


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