Sunday, 7 November 2010

IF: Afterwards

The harvest is over; afterwards these trunks will go to the sawmill, and  my husband will plant new trees.


  1. Happy, peaceful Sunday, Juniper.

  2. All for the use and love of mankind...we should all be planting trees.....I hate seeing trees disappear when new houses are built.....they clear away the old, put more houses and maybe plant a little stick of a tree here and there...but so many people are adopting the plan to have empty space in front of their it to avoid caring for it?

  3. Cute drawing. Not even tought of mine yet

    I wonder what the wood would become will it be paper. Grow little trees grow

  4. i remember that sight...i used to live less than 500 meters from the forestry in south wales.....

  5. another lovely piece - come and play at Whimsical Wednesday. More here:


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