Saturday, 13 November 2010

What is a personality anyway?

Saturday and Sunday are usually ear-marked as a study days, since during the week once I've done a day's work, right now I struggle to concentrate on psychological theories for more than an hour or so in the evening.  And I'm supposed to need to do 16 hours a week for OU, hurrah.   So weekends are for catching up. 

Right now I'm thinking "If this is Year 2, what the hell are years 3-6 going to be like?"  I hope it's just because I'm a bit short on va-va-voom at the moment, those wee neurons and blood vessels and oxygen working hard in my leg as they are; but I'm sure the chapters are getting longer, and there are so many new theories and concepts and words to try and remember it all just becomes a jumble.  I swear that I can't remember a single thing that I read and wrote notes on just this morning!   It doesn't help that I can't sit in a common room and discuss things with the other students; talking in online forums just isn't the same.

The chapter I have just finished was biological psychology which was pretty interesting (you remember my cute neurons); now, chapter 5 is about personality.  I'm only on the third page and already I'm feeling as though I no longer have one.

In my first year I really just wrote my notes in the margin of the book, but this year I am writing proper notes in a notebook, because this year we have an e.x.a.m. in June (in the first year there was no exam, just a final assignment marked by a different tutor) so I will need more revision notes.  That slows me down so much that the chapters seem never-ending, and it's depressing to be yawning over it after an hour and a half and losing the will to read any further, even when it's interesting.

I keep thinking I need to stay ahead now, as I can't carry my study books to Scotland, they are way too heavy; and in reality I'm not going to want to do any when I have Mr H and Django to spend time with, am I!

I'm sure the others on my course are feeling similar; heaven knows how those with small children cope (there seem to be plenty of them); at the moment I'm feeling pretty jealous of those students who study full time!  Sorry to sound so fed up, just practicing that 'out of the head and into black and white' therapy that my friend Mel advocated.

I'll let you know when I've found out the basis of all our personality traits... that is if personality actually exists.


  1. oh no...let me know when you figured them out

  2. I'd say the ones with children do what I do and try to fit study in thoese wee hours when the children have gone to bed.
    Keep up the study your doing far better than I ever did on any of my courses I was always a last minute person and I prefered learning through the doing rather than reading.
    I sthe personality section thing covering things like introvert, extrovert sort of stuff.

  3. You're so lucky, Juniper. I don't have a personality. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Actually there is a lot of personality defined quite perfectly on Facebook!...Funny or is it rather sad that personality is so easy to determine there before you even make a know who is going to say what...and they do! Amazing, people are just amazing don't you think?!

  5. Well school full time while trying to have a social life is hard enough as it is. That's another reason why I admire you.

  6. Twain12: will do... see below.

    Chibi: yes that sort of thing. 5 basics might be (ok this is testing my reading..) Open-ness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism. Yep how many of we bloggers come into that last one ;-)

    JJ: 'Lucky'? I resent that, I've worked damn hard for this personality haha ;-)

    Karen: totally - people are so predictable with their posts and responses. That is why I like a Facebook holiday occasionally before they drive me nuts!

    Ditz: Social life? oh yes I've heard people have those ;-)

  7. *laughing* Don't look for neurosis in THIS direction! I think my sister got all of it.

    Actually, this chapter could be a whole lot of fun if you're into deciding who fits where and sticking that aside for future reference. :-D

    <-- NOT Neurotic

    Lemme know how that 'fingers to keyboard' exercise works for ya.
    Self actualization.....*rolling eyes*


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