Friday, 26 November 2010

Not so Feelgood Friday

So, I open my Yahoo mail page this morning and the first news headline is "Jet skids on icy runway at Newcastle". 

And this comes amongst the dire news that Britain is gripped in yet another record snow/ice weather thing. I can't remember what the record is now, the earliest sight of a gritting lorry for 17 years perhaps, or the first time the breakdown services have had more than xx number of callouts a day in November. Every year it has to be a record for something and I'm not quite sure of the point of that, except to throw everyone into a panic about how it's SO much worse than it's been for - ooohhh, a long time.

Anyway... as previously mentioned, I am not a confident flyer, and I am due to fly home Glasgow-Southampton tomorrow afternoon; so that is not a good headline to read and I chose not to read the whole article.  I will bolster myself with thoughts like "It's ok I'm not going to Newcastle", "I expect it was some wierd cheap airline from some random country", "Oh it was a holiday flight, that's ok I'm not going on holiday".

Whenever I think "Oh no, there is a smattering of snow and it's below freezing", I remind myself that planes fly in and out of skiing resorts (ie. snowy, doh) all the time in the winter.  Yet somehow that's different; we in the south of England are notoriously rubbish at coping with even a small amount of snow/ice/weather - it's not Glasgow airport I'm worried about, it's Southampton.

And my Dad (in his 70s) is driving to pick me up, so I will be worrying about that as well.

Ohhhh why can't I be one of those positive-never-worry-about-anything people??


  1. I read the news story as well gosh they like writting headlines to scare don't they, basically the plane slide a little bit and was still on tarmac but not the runway line.

    Man Every one seems to have snow except my town the sun is shining through the window, blinking cold though Brrrrrr.

  2. Thanks Chibi :-)

    We had a light scattering here last night, but it's mostly in the East. Forget how far west Ayr is. Sunny and cold here too!

  3. every time i fly i seem to read something about plane's...maybe we are just more aware of it. I hope you have a good trip home

  4. Step away from the news articles!!!!

    This is just another fine example of why I don't bother to open the news sites or have a newspaper delivered.
    I let himself tell me things of importance. He'd make a great reporter.
    Actually, he tells me all the gramatical errors in their news stories. It's way better than the drama that gets created.....and we debate 'proper english'. *laughing*
    Like that's my deal?! ;-)

    Oh--tea with dad! How nice will that be! :-)

  5. Unfortunately I can't avoid Yahoo news page when I first go to my e-mails! But like you I don't read a newspaper regularly. Your method sounds good, it would be me pointing out all the grammar mistakes haha!

  6. The media never concentrates on the million of flights that land yes avoid all news/media/newspapers before your flight! You are right on about being positive in a negative world...too many complaints little appreciation, bad and horrific news out weighs happy things like the 82 year old little man who sailed across the sea to join his last 7 remaining classmates for a reunion! Did you ever see the movie French Kiss? Meg Ryan's character goes to a fear of flying class, and she has to come up with a blissful mantra to imagine as the plane takes Jenny what would be your mantra?

  7. "I hate Paris in the springtime
    I hate Paris in the fall
    I hate Paris in the summer when it sizzles
    I hate Paris in the winter when it drizzles
    I hate Paris, oh why oh why do I hate Paris?
    Because my love is there... with his SLUT girlfriend."


    My mantra would be... hmmm I don't know I'll have to think about that!

  8. Yes! You did see the movie! ..and you're so funny!...thanks for making me laugh! I needed it! Yes, I may have to watch it again...such good lines in that movie!

  9. You'll be fine. I was a worrier in Hawaii and Alaska about flying home and I came home just fine. Happy travels Juni!


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