Sunday, 21 November 2010

A day of rest, and off-roading

As you probably gathered, yesterday involved quite a bit of walking... and then one of Mr H's Scots lassie friends from his previous District came over for the evening to sample his fantastic cooking, and stayed the night.  I discovered that white wine + DHC seems to have more of an adverse affect than red wine + DHC and took myself off to bed at 9.30, leaving them up chatting for another two hours.

Today was decreed a Day Off.  This morning was a slow start, the Scots lassie left about 11.30 after breakfast, and the rest of the day consisted of a lovely hot bath (which subsequently set off the smoke/heat alarm in the flat), lunch and an off-road dog walk along the river outside the back door - an hour's round trip back through the village to post some post-cards (tourist!) and check the bus timetables into Ayr. 

I say off-road because parts of the path by the river were muddy and a bit tricky, but I'm getting good on these crutches now.   It just shows how our limitations are self-selected by our own, and others', expectations.... up until now walking up the road to the postbox was an achievement; but since I've been here I've walked on beaches, seaweed covered rocky bits, muddy paths and distances that I never thought I'd manage.

Sometimes it takes a break in routine, and the necessity for making the most of a situation, to show ourselves what we can do. 


  1. wow that is a lot of walking and the picture is breathtaking

  2. Good for you, I'm glad you having such a wonderful time!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photo.
    And good for you to be trekking happily along through mud, sand and stuff!
    Now the wine......LOL.....maybe not so good. But I betcha slept reallllllll good! ;-)

  4. Awesome how you are getting around.....very cool and I bet Django likes it too....and what a lovely rainbow! It looks simply beautiful there!

  5. and knowing that you've got someone to pick you up again :-)


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