Thursday, 11 November 2010

Change of routine

It didn't occur to me when I decided to move back upstairs, how much it would change the routine I got used to over the last 4 months.

I used to wake up at 7, get a cup of tea, then sit in bed until 8 with my laptop reading people's blogs (and writing mine).

Now I wake up at 7, go back to sleep, wake up again at 8 (or 7.30 if I'm going to the office). I usually check my home e-mails but then it's time to have my work computer on and get on with that.

I used to work until 3, then have time to do some studying, reading, chilling out.

Now I work until 5, take half an hour to look at some blogs/emails, then have to do an hour's studying before thinking about cooking tea.   Now that I have set up my studying desk upstairs I am not constantly distracted by the computer when I am supposed to be reading!

So, this all means that I am not finding so much time to read everyone's blogs, especially the long ones, so I apologise for that!

I don't even seem to be having so many random thoughts to talk about as I used to.. I need to make sure I don't get back into the old rut and still find time to expand my mind.


  1. Even a little bit of Juniper is terrific!

  2. looks like nice spot to study

  3. As long as you don't disappear completely. Gosh what a tidy desk. Being tidy whats that again my house is in a perminant state of chaos. I appologise for spelling errors and typos that might pop up in my post from time to time as there is wriggling toddler on my knee.

  4. Just come visit everyone once in a while! I do miss you Juni, you have been an inspiration!

  5. Oh my goodness. I am SO with you. Isaac is working shifts now and has asked me to coordinate my schedule to his so we have real "quality time together." What that actually translates into is that I am never freaking alone and barely have time to write my own blogs anymore, much less read others'. I am going through terrible withdrawal. I feel like he stole all my books from me.

    That being said, we'll miss you, but I'm sure a little change is good after being in healing mode for so long. And I'm pretty sure you don't need to worry about your mind... :)

  6. Progress! Might be a bit odd at the onset, but I think it's a good thing for you.

    In moderation, of course.
    Routines are great things.
    You'll re-establish yours.
    Looks like you already are.

    Oh--and nice spot! :-)

  7. We'll just have to settle for whatever Juniper has time for! But don't give up....and do you play guitar too?

  8. Don't worry I'm not going away, just in smaller doses!

    CJ: only tidy because I'm only having to read one book at a time. Ref the toddler, that's a bit like when I have a dog pawing my arm while I'm trying to type!

    Yes it's nice to have that place to study, where I can see the garden and spy on the neighbours haha. It was Mr H's studio until he moved up north and now it's MINE! ;-)

    FreeFlying: how irritating!! I've always said the perfect relationship would be seeing each other every 2 weeks...

    Karen: No, Mr H. is the guitarist. Those on the wall are two that he made himself.



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