Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back in Southern Reality

I had an uneventful journey back to my Southern Reality.  Yes I needed the hankie quite a bit but who wouldn't when hugging and waving goodbye to their ain true love? 

I had more friendly wheelchair people to negotiate the airport for me, and left on time for what proved to be a most enjoyable flight. It was daytime and clear skies for most of the way so we had fantastic views of the lightly snow-covered landscape below us.  I took the opportunity for some photography while gazing out of the window.
Looking north east from Glasgow towards the Highlands

Just as much as I love the open countryside and the grandeur of distant mountains, I am fascinated by the  aerial views of towns and cities, with their neatly designed housing estates and road systems.

As we approached Southampton I could see that greenliness* prevailed, not a snowy patch in sight. I smiled as we flew in low over the city - I could see a lit up fairground carousel spinning and Christmas shoppers in the decorated main street, it made me feel almost festive!

Dad was there waiting for me when I arrived and although I suffered my 'passenger stress' on the 45 minute drive home, I was pleased to see the roads were clear and dry.  Maybe we will get some snow and ice in the next week or maybe not; we tend to have our own micro-climate here, maybe it's the southern sea air.

Although I miss my boys like mad, it is good to be back home. It is also rather comforting to know that if it gets snowy or icy I can just lock myself inside and not need to go out. Although, I have just ordered myself some ice spikes for my crutches ;-)

*yes, I made that up, it rhymes with 'cleanliness'.


  1. Glad your home safe and sound. The photos are stunning. Areial shots always fascinate me

  2. Wow....wonderful scenery! I'm glad it's not what you walked into, though.
    There's enough time for that later.

    MUCH later! :-/

    Welcome home, ma'am.

  3. Welcome home! You are so lucky to still have good weather....but ice spikes? Wow you will have to post a photo of that! Exciting!

  4. Beautiful photos.

    Glad you had a great trip and are home safe and sound.

  5. Glad to hear it all, Juniper. Welcome home!

  6. Welcome back Juniper. Ice spikes? They make ice spikes for crutches??? Glad you had a good time. Beautiful pictures.

  7. lovely piccies ....
    and more reasons for moving back south .....

  8. I just love seeing this first photo flipping through the posts....the slight rose coloring brings a new day feeling to me...Happy Day, Happy Life, oh yeah!

  9. I'm glad you made it home safely! Hope the cold doesn't get to you!


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