Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Uppers and downers

Going to the office is great, I'm on a high all the time I'm there.  I have friends to talk to and have a laugh with; work is more efficient as all the files and e-mail are in one place, instead of half on the server and half on my hard disk; I can have instant, face-to-face discussions instead of e-mail/skype/phone discussions. 

Today was the first time I went in for a full day, 9-5, but it was a bit different because the 8 of us went out to lunch on the proceeds of selling half the filing cabinets, part of our quest to reclaim a room in our little office. So we had a two hour lunch break and had fun. They didn't have any chocolate puddings so when we left we sent the boss (since he had a car) to the shop with a tenner, with instructions to buy chocolate bars for us all, of which he did an admirable job despite his comic eye-rolling.  So it was a Good Day.

Then I came home. 

As soon as I shut the front door behind me I felt completely flaked out and lonely and just wanted to cry. It felt like the come-down after a great party, when everyone goes home and you're left alone surrounded by dirty dishes and spent party poppers.

My surefire and certain cure?  Boots off, slippers on, cup of tea, and Alison Krauss on the stereo....


  1. You must have a really, really nice boss! That sounds like a great day. I can relate to how good it feels to be back at work amidst all the socializing and excitement. We did a Secret Santa gift exchange on Monday, and it was splendid.

  2. You sound just fine. Glad to see you up and around.

  3. It's an adjustment--sounds like you're taking good care of you.
    Allison Kraus. Good choice!

  4. Sounds like a really good day! Tiring, though - no wonder you drooped a bit when you got home.

    And I agree with Mel - Allison Kraus is just what was needed!

  5. My reaction to this is - how absolutely brilliant that you have a job that you love and miss and are pleased to get back to. How awful if you were dreading/hating it.

    But exhausting to have all those people around that need you to interact with them!

    Am discovering Alison Krauss - which would you recommend?

  6. Rosie, my favourite albums are:
    Forget About It
    New Favourite
    So Long So Wrong
    100 Miles or More

    The one she did recently with Robert Plant (Raising Sand) is similar but I don't like it as much. I prefer her stuff with Union Station.


  7. Sometimes watching an old favorite movie is just what your soul needs.....and one cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows....oh yeah! can put you right out!

  8. I'm glad you had a great day at the office Juni, and good that you know what to do to keep your mind off of the loneliness. Hey maybe if you're feeling lonely when I'm on Facebook, you can chat me up now that you found me!



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