Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Psychology and the workplace...?

Today I got so fed up with trying to explain something, from home to a colleague in the office, that I need to go to the office tomorrow to actually discuss it with the same program screen in front of us. Otherwise there is the danger of him making a decision that will not be good, just because he doesn't Get It.   People who don't do the admin don't understand the admin, and when they start saying "But we don't need that on there do we?" when we do need it,  that gets me uppity. 

Sometimes they sit at their computers or in their meeting rooms, unable to see beyond the needs of our own four office walls, while the rest of the staff field questions from people in far flung countries to whom it really isn't that obvious actually.   I have always been the Representative of the People in our office. The boss is an engineer, the other bloke knows all about building racing boats. I am trained in nothing relevant but I understand how normal people think (although it is debatable whether sailors are normal, but near enough for this discussion) and it comes in very useful when ideas need pulling back down to earth. In fact between the three of us we usually end up in about the right place.

And no, my wanting to keep certain aspects of the program that have worked just fine for 10 years cannot be compared with one of my other colleagues wanting to keep a printed back up of everything in triplicate, in 3 different folders, just in case. 

On the subject of Psychology, I am really enjoying my current chapter of studying which is research methods - correlational experiments and studies. I am enjoying it because it is easy. I understand it. I can draw a scatterplot and I know what x and h axes are. And even better, the second part of my assignment is based on this, hurrah!


  1. Hold on.
    You mean keeping triplicates hard copies in separate folders unwillingness to change?



    That's it.
    WHO TOLD?!

  2. Maybe the person he/she needs all these back-ups because they are a chronic worrier? Reminds me of that movie, As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson....but I certainly feel your glad to hear the school work is going well! ;)


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