Thursday, 2 December 2010


I have just realised that if I didn't have a broken leg I would have been booked on a flight to Phuket today for the King's Cup... as the way of the world works, with this weather I would not have been looking forward to trying to get to Heathrow at 5am this morning!

A couple of years ago I decided not to go, for various personal reasons. That was the year that there was trouble at Bangkok airport and many people couldn't get there; I'd have been in limbo not knowing whether to attempt the trip or not. 

Sometimes I feel fate really does step in with the arrangements.


  1. The real skill is in being able to recognize it when it happens, rather than 'bemoaning our fate'. Good for you! /Bowgirl

  2. you are absolutely right. Everything happens for a reason.....we just don't always know when or's just our fate!

  3. Very good.
    Sounds like you were taken good care of.


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