Sunday, 26 December 2010

No hangovers here

We had a fairly quiet Christmas Day, as we normally do.  In the morning we opened some presents and dug the veggies out of the frozen ground for our evening meal, then Mr H took Django for a walk while I did a bit of tidying and a bit of chilling out.   My parents came over in the afternoon after they'd watched the Queen's Speech; we played some vingt-et-un (aka Pontoon) and Mr H. went bankrupt, even as banker!   I said it was a good thing he went into Forestry. 

Our evening meal was melon and gravadlax, followed by roast pork and home grown veg, and Christmas pudding. My parents went home about 8pm so we had some time alone to just relax and watch some comedy on iPlayer, and open some presents we'd kept over. 

Not what most people would consider a 'traditonal Christmas Day' - we didn't overeat or drink very much; we didn't have a big pile of presents, just a few.  We didn't go to church because we don't any more - and why go at Christmas when you don't go the rest of the year? 

Best present for 2010: a pair of Grivel Spiders from Mr H.  These are like mini-crampons which fit in the instep of your boots for walking on snow or ice.  Having them meant that the three of us could go out for a lovely walk on the Forest today, where normally I would fear to tread...

If God isn't out here as well as in church, then something's definitely wrong.


  1. Oh trust me he's out there....actually he is every where you mother told me and quite frankly she's never been wrong! ha ha....Your Christmas sounds warm and cozy and just like they should be spent...with those you love.... ;) p.s. I really did want to submit my own snow mound (see my post about that) but it's just too darn hard to get to it...but we could have all had fun with that....winter too often just gets in the way of fun, doesn't it! Glad you got the nice shoe things so you could enjoy that walk...there is something so calming about walking under the sky and running across animals along the way....!..and hearing that slight crunching sound under your feet....! Yes!

  2. And if you don't see Him in that walk--we need to get you an appt. with the opthomologist!

    WOW what a gorgeous place for a walk about (WITH shoe grippy thingies!)...and wow that it was a part of your 'day after'.

    Sounds like the perfect kind of holiday to me. Some family time, some 'us' time--some down time after the doings..... Perfect!

  3. Sounds like a lovely evening Juni! Glad you had a Merry Christmas.


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