Saturday, 18 December 2010

A friend for Spot and more snow

I awoke this morning to the sound of someone's house alarm going off, and a large bleep from behind my head, and the realisation that my digi-clock wasn't on.  Hmm, no power then!  It was 7.45am so time to wake up anyway... but I considered staying in bed for a bit as it was nice and warm, so I opened the curtains and lay and watched big, wet, sticky snowflakes falling outside.  But I can't lie in bed for long so was up and boiling water for tea in a saucepan on the hob by 8.30.  It's at times like this I'm so grateful I have a gas cooker - and a lighter - so it was still fried egg on toast for breakfast!

I went out and put some more bird seed on the bird table and in the feeder. Minus the crutch spikes as they are superfluous in snow and just get clogged up. Unfortunately most of the bird food seems to be getting eaten by starlings and jackdaws at the moment, but the dunnock and blue tits do still get a look-in. 

Then I decided to build a snowman, as I didn't build one last time it snowed and I was in the right mood today.  Except that it wasn't really snowman shaped, so I turned it into a snowpuppy!  which was much more fun and it makes me laugh every time I look out the window and see it sitting waiting for a biscuit.

Today I had designated as a Study Day so I sat upstairs in the spare room/studio/study room and read about senses and perception, and attention.   All interesting stuff which helps to explain my 'selective attention' as in not noticing things, and how we can drive to work and not remember anything much about the journey.

It's hard to work though with this view in front of you:

...and starlings squabbling over the suet, or doves sliding down the birdtable roof and hopping inside, or a blackbird perched on the edge of the snowy veranda roof.

The snow is thawing already, but the skies have cleared so I expect it will freeze tonight and be icy tomorrow.   Mr H doesn't have much snow in Ayrshire, I think it all fell on N.Ireland before it got to him.  But all I can think about is what conditions are like between here and Scotland... I can't bear the thought of he and I being separated by snow for Christmas. 

I think I'll spend the rest of the afternoon choreographing a one and a half-legged 'Thaw Dance'.


  1. What a beautiful winter picture! That's such a lovely way to spend it...from the warmth of your window and making such a darling snowpuppy! Love it, and hope it gets frozen and lasts for Django...hopefully weather won't keep them from coming home! Are you counting down the minutes yet for their return?! ;)

  2. Not quite minutes yet.. still on days ;-)

  3. That snowpuppy is so cute. I wish that I could have a little snow to make little snow stuff. Just a tad.

  4. Aww what an adorable pup :). Not had snow my side of the midlands yet, blinking cold though.

    I'm in the process of savaging my little boys old cot to make a sledge for the kiddo as shops sold out of the things and doesn't look like they will be re-stocking them any time soon. Hope it snows once I make it.

  5. Awwww....look at the snowpuppy!! Yup--absolutely adorable! Well done!!


    No worries--I've all the belief in the world that the holidays will work out awesome.

    Enjoy the whitestuff while it's there--Oh!! Think snowangel!! (just have a neighbor handy when ya do it....LOL)

  6. I forgot to mention, I really like this snowpuppy photo so much I might just have to create a dog out of mine too! My bird bath has a gigantic mound of frozen snow on it just waiting for something! Maybe we should start a contest for all those with snow filled bird baths!!! What do you see in yours? ;)

  7. Good idea Karen, I look forward to seeing your creation ;-)


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