Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A quick one

Just a quick one as I'm about off to bed...  Since I worked a bit on Sunday I am completely out of sync with what day it is at the moment, and keep forgetting when I posted, or didn't!   I had an ok day today - after a bit of a crisis day at work yesterday with 4 of us flat out out trying to sort out a major issue, this morning I had a few fallout e-mails to deal with but not too bad.   Then we had our office Christmas lunch at a restaurant in town; it was pretty low key, no-one was drinking much for various reasons, but it was nice and relaxed and good company (we always invite 4 or 5 guests). The food was lovely, and normal sized portions - it was so nice to go home from it not completely stuffed and not drunk!  

In fact I worked for another 3 hours after I got home until my best friend G arrived bearing a few groceries I'd asked her to get while she was at the supermarket.  And knowing I'd been out to lunch she also came bearing pizza to save me cooking, bless her.

Mr H called me at about 5.30 to say he'd arrived in the Cotswolds ok.   Apparently the motorways were ok, and not too busy, but the conditions were worse when he got off them; he was going to tell me about some 'dodgy' moments, but I don't want to hear them.  Kind of in the same way I don't like it if we stop at the bottom of a mountain for him to point out the routes he's taken up it which to me look like death traps.   Do the stuff, come home safely, but don't tell me about how you nearly fell through a snow cornice, ok?  

So, that's the long bit of the journey done, but not necessarily the hard bit!  He's off to his brother's in Stow-on-the-Wold for tomorrow night;  he came through there and said there's a foot plus of snow, and it looked like people had just stopped and left their cars in the high street, which made it a pain to drive through. 

Two more sleeps!


  1. His weather there sounds a bit like ours. We have had as much as 17 to 23 inches depending on your town, and two more dumps again after that. Many schools were closed just because the roads couldn't get cleared for buses, and that is rare to happen in these parts. It seems old man winter is being a beast all over the world...do you remember Decembers and we hoped for snow for Christmas Eve???? I'm wishing it was one of those years! ;) Hope their drive is safe and sound and homeward bound!

  2. Ah. Well, himself would agree. He knows there's not fun parts of the job and those are the parts he'd prefer to be ignorant to. (and I'm good with that--I have places to 'dump' that) But OH my..I can't fathom how ya'll are managing, as under equipt as that area is to deal with mass amounts of snow. I'll just hope that enough sticks around to provide a 'white Christmas' and then goes 'bye bye'.

    Ohhhhhh....almost there, now! Reunions are great fun!

  3. Gosh every where in the UK seems to have snow except where I am, Its very cold though. Saw something I had never seen before. The sun was shining on the fence and evaporating the frost but as it was so cold you could see the water vapour rising just looked as if some one had set fire to our fence.

    Safe journey to Mr H and Spot.

  4. Nice blog!


  5. We are certainly getting hit with a load more snow than any of us are used to. Chibi I can't believe you've still not got any!

    I love to watch fences steaming - it does look unreal somehow.

    Susan and Sana Ali - thank you for dropping by :-)


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