Friday, 10 December 2010

Tired and emotional

I ended up yesterday Tired and Emotional.   I was at work all day, a lot of which I seemed to spend running (metaphorically) back and forth between people and computers, sorting things out.  By 3pm I was visibly flagging.  It must have been visible because my friend offered to take me home; but I didn't want to sit at home feeling miserable, better to have people around me when I feel like that. 

There are some things that are worrying me about my parents at the moment (which I don't want to post about here) - with that and everything else going on in my head at the moment it all feels too much sometimes.  Why do families cause us so much strife and worry...?  because we love them so much I suppose. We might not always like things they do, but we can't escape the blood ties. 

I am the youngest of three children and the only one who still lives locally to our parents' home, so I tend to feel responsible for looking after them, which I find hard sometimes.  I shared some of my worries with my sister last night though, and felt much better afterwards.

Going back to yesterday...  it was a good thing that my friend C was 'booked' to come home after work and help me put up my Christmas tree and decorate it, in exchange for a meal.  In fact, she bought Mr H. and I the Christmas tree as our present, which I thought was a brilliant idea. 

So I now have a twinkling sitting room, all I need now is Mr H. and DJ to share it with... only 13 days to go... not that I'm counting!



  1. I know the feeling of feeling responsible for your parents, I'm closest to my mum and her partner is suffering health issues at the moment way out of our control which leaves a sense of powerlessness behind.

    Hope the issues that are effecting you are sorted soon. Be well.

  2. Juniper: You are definitely not alone. My younger sister took on the burden of caring for my parents, and I feel obligated to her for life for doing so. My brother, on the other hand, does not. There is almost a resentment I can't figure out. Families are tough.

  3. I can't completely relate, since I was the youngest of two, and my sister passed away when I was 11, so I was the one and only person to love, share, and later care for both of them when the time was necessary...and now today they are both away in heaven, but I have no regrets, only fond and yes some other types of memories, but memories nonetheless! I envy you even through the struggles, because there are still days when I reach for the phone to call my mother and...... :(

  4. I think the tree was a brilliant prezzie! AND they helped decorate and got a meal.....I might haffta steal that idea!

    I was the youngest and the closest to the step mother....and truth be told, the one she was most comfortable letting help her.
    I'm glad that I did all that I did. No regrets is a good thing.
    But I do hear what you're saying--it can be difficult at times. I'm just hear to say it is worthwhile.

  5. And if you didn't notice--today is 'National Typo Day'.

    <-- participating in it, dontchaknow.


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