Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Worn out

No energy for imagination for a post today; I did a full day at the office and then went food shopping tonight - I'm ready for bed now and it's just 9pm.

Will try and produce something tomorrow as it's a home-working day.


  1. Has the snow melted down your end as here in the midlands its now just a sheet of ice which is not melting at all.

    Hope you sleep well.

  2. Good grief--I can see how it is that 9pm came and you were 'done'.

    Give yourself a break, eh?
    Write for you as you see fit. But most of all, take care of you. You're still healing--and that involves rest and relaxation.

    I need someone to script that for me. :-/

  3. Well glad you checked in...hope you have sweet dreams.....! ...and how is your weather these days...it seems it's causing chaos in so many places over here.............!

  4. Hi, our snow went at the weekend when it rained, it's just been frosty since then. A cold coastal wind though, brrr.

    @Mel - yeah we're all good at telling other people, but ignoring it ourselves, aren't we! x


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