Thursday, 2 December 2010

What animal was this?

My town awoke this morning to 6 inches of snow, so I decided I wouldn't be going into the office today after all.  The snow is ok but I wasn't so keen on the steps up to the office...

I got my priorities right and went out and sorted out the bird-feeders before breakfast; a robin was out mooching around trying to eat the frozen seed so that had to be fixed.  First footing it across the lawn, I always hate to spoil it!  normally of course there has been a DJ out in it before me, but not this morning.  My tracks out to the bird feeders were interesting...

I did discover I got snow-balling in my crutch crampons, will need to vaseline them like horses hooves! I thought I was going to get a snow-day off today, as I couldn't log into the server, so could check e-mails but not do anything else. My boss is stuck at his house out in the Forest and various others can't get in - great I thought, no-one there to re-boot the server!  But sadly I've just heard that someone is there and re-booting as I write. 

Ho hum, I thought I could get on with my work on confounding variables and correlations, I'll have to save that for later.


  1. We made the best of the snow yesterday and I have been sorting out the bird feeder as well need to put some fresh water out for the tweeters now.

  2. What is this thing you call snow? We don't get that here. Well at least it's pretty snow. :)

  3. I bet those tracks scared the hell out of the birds..

  4. After many years of ten months of snow, this is a pretty site - since I moved to Florida.

  5. Finally You've Got Snow! ..and so glad you haven't forgot your bird friends! As for who made your tracks, I think it was a Partridge looking for a pear tree! lol.... Is your snow going to last, or will it be gone quickly?

  6. Karen, it's due to thaw today or tomorrow, temps 3-10C for the weekend. I'm rather glad because I have x-rays & consultant 20 miles away on Monday!


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