Saturday, 11 December 2010

Six Word Saturday

Need to tidy. Where to start?

Disclaimer as I know Mr H. reads this blog. This cartoon is metaphorical not literal...

The weekend is generally my tidying/studying time, especially since I'm no longer in the habit of striding into town (15 minute walk) to see the Saturday market and look for things to buy that I didn't really need. 

The sitting-room, in fact the whole house, still has remnants of when I was sleeping in here - stuff in places where it wouldn't normally live.  Stuff we wouldn't normally have! Piles of DVDs borrowed from friends, rubbish/recycling baskets that were in here temporarily but now I find quite useful.  Magazines, books, CDs, aaggh and now my new floor bicycle that arrived yesterday!

The kitchen still has my trolley and stool in it although I haven't used them for a couple of months.  I could put them in the workshop I suppose.  My friend said I could sell the trolley but I keep thinking that I'll probably use it for going shopping, when I'm happy to walk but not carry a rucksack full of stuff!  or maybe I'll be too embarrassed to use a granny trolley. 

The kitchen table is covered in post, drugs, notes, stuff.

And I brought the recycling bin into the kitchen from outside, so that I didn't have to open the back door every time I want to throw away an envelope - I was ending up with piles of paper on the side ready to be put in the recycling. Under the drainer, where it got dripped on. The thing with our back door is that it was cheap.  So after 17 years there is a half-inch gap down the side of the bottom half where it has warped, so in the winter I jam a dog-towel in there to stop the draft. So it's a nuisance to open/close it in the winter. I know, I know!  but have you seen the price of a good quality, hardwood exterior door??

The desk has a large pile of post that belongs to Mr H on it, and a bag full of boxes of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen where my friend went a bit overboard buying it for me.  And other crap.

And as for the bedroom.... I need a severe clear out of clothes and somehow I'm never in the right mood to do it.  So I look sorrowfully at the pile of stuff by the bed in the morning, then come downstairs and forget about it.

Anyway, I do need to get some of this stuff sorted out before Mr H gets home on the 23rd, since my parents are coming for Christmas Day evening and we'll need somewhere to eat our food....


  1. Hhahahahahaha....we're on the same boat right now!

  2. We're having work done in out basement, so I dread to think of the work ahead for me when the dust settles!

  3. The good news is it's about to dump snow (following the ice, of course) and I have a 'being held prisoner' day via the weather.

    The bad news--I'll find plenty of other 'stuff' to mess about with.

    See how that works?
    Feel free to borrow it. *laughing* Does nothing for the mini messes here and there, but I can pick at those inbetween colouring and putting a puzzle together and muttering about a quilt I don't particularly like. :-D

  4. Ohhhh....and I think we oughts dress up the granny trolley so you're stylin'! :-D

  5. LOL I wish you good luck with your cleaning adventure. I wish I could help but traveling 6 thousand miles would be quite a hassle just to help someone clean their home. :P

  6. I'm looking on a bright side of this, at least you are now back sleeping upstairs rather than camping in the lower part of the house...and just think dressing up the trolley might be fun! Have you planned anything exciting for your Christmas dinner for family? Care to share? Any old family traditions that just have to be eaten?! ;)...oh and just a silly thought but hey when they ask what Santa should bring have a new door fund can!!! I know maybe stupid...but it often works!

  7. Karen, you're right, it's all a symptom of getting back to normal!

    We have a quiet Christmas - my parents are coming to our house for the afternoon/evening meal. Then we'll go and see Mr H's family sometime between Christmas and New Year.


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