Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday ramblings

Well, what a week it's been. Is it really only 7 days since I was sitting in Mr H's flat before flying home?    I had my good office day on Monday, then the snow came on Wednesday night, and seemed to bring with it low voltage electricity into the office which meant the servers kept shutting themselves down. It turned into a frustrating week, work-wise. 

Yesterday I braved a walk round to the post box while the footpath still had enough snow on it (rather than compacted ice) but today I didn't allow myself out.  My sister called me this evening to check that I was looking after myself and not doing anything stupid - she knows what I'm like!  Tonight we are forecast rain and sleet on top of 6" of snow, and ice; so heaven knows what it will look like out there tomorrow.

The long, snowy rope that is my washing line

So, the servers were on and off for most of the morning while they worked out what was the matter with them.  It's worrying how lost we feel when we don't have the links to which we are accustomed.  If the broadband goes down it feels as though we're cut off from the world!   This weekend I am work duty for the King's Cup, in exchange for depriving them of my presence (obviously not a fair exchange, what could possibly replace my scintillating company?).  So, I hope that all is sorted out otherwise I won't be able to login, and I'll have to call on the boss for help to sort it out; it's not like I can just pop down to the office is it.

Anyway, this morning I used some of the down-time to have a hot shower and (sorry but I'm going to mention The C Word) write a couple of Christmas cards, the sort that also involve writing a letter.  I am always disappointed when I get a card from a relative or friends I haven't seen or talked to for ages, and it just says To Juniper and Mr H, Happy Christmas, love from Aunt Ethel.  What a waste of paper, frankly.  

Going back to the weather, I have pretty much made the decision not to go to my OU tutorial tomorrow, as I don't like the sound of rain/sleet on top of ice and snow.  However, I will reserve final judgement until the morning as I don't have to leave til 9am (a friend is lined up to give me a lift). The subject we are going to discuss is mainly research methods - correlations, IVs and DVs and interpreting scatter plots, confounding variables (I love that phrase) and experiment design.  Now I find all that stuff fairly logical and straightforward; I'm sure some of the 'what ifs', questioning, handling data, finding data patterns, and taking nothing for granted at work help in some strange way. I'm not saying I know it all, but on the other hand I know some people really struggle with it, and it might just do my head in to sit through 2 hours of people Not Getting It.


  1. We've been stuck in the house since Tuesday and it's no fun at all. I think the conditions will get worse before they get better because the impacted snow has now turned to ice. We are due to get heavy rain on Sunday and I hoping that maybe this will wash away at least some of the snow by Monday! I want the kids and my partner back to school and work!!

    So far the only thing that doesn't work is one of the tv's because we've lost the signal. I'm just hoping we don't lose the internet too!

  2. Send aunt Ethel a dictionary for Christmas! lol just kidding, I hate that too, it's like why bother just for the sending!....a little thought especially for a loved one silly! Your weather sounds so much like what dread is coming for us too! I finished all that is necessary for today outside in the downpour of heavy snow so it's stay home for me, to blog and do that C word too...I'm adding a sepia photo, (I really am a bit over the top when I do my cards) but hey it's once a year right!!! Do as your sis says though don't over do in this mess even for the birds, they will survive! Right????

  3. Oh my gosh..... 6 inches and sleet/rain on top of it. That was my entire winter last year. LOL

    I'll be glad if this is a one time shot for you. I'm clear we're equipt to deal with it week after week and you folks are not. Be smart and do less instead of more--just sayin'.

    And now--I'm gonna stare at the undone holiday cards laying on the table and groan.
    THIS WEEKEND--I swear!!

  4. I hope you stay safe Juni. Don't take things too roughly out in the snow.

  5. Stay safe, our paths are already leathal now as they have been trodden to slush which freezes in the night. Had to walk on the snow in the road last evening carring a toddler which was no fun.


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