Monday, 20 December 2010

Spot's Spot: My last night?

Well I have been watching Dad pile up stuff that looks suspiciously like he's going somewhere... I know the signs!   I'll do my miserable 'oh I suppose you're leaving' look until he picks up something of mine and puts it on the pile, and then I'll bounce manically around in excitement ooooohhh!

It's been b.... jolly freezing up here recently, though we haven't had as much snow as everyone else, apparently.    Still we haven't been out on the hills quite as much because he can't get his sticks in the ground, or see the planting mounds, so I've spent some time in the office.   Here are some pics of me at home (by the bed) and at work this week:

Still my bits have been freezing and sometimes I have to put my coat on, good thing Mum sent it up.  This is me in the works van, don't I look important!?


So anyway, I overheard Dad and Mum talking last night and I think we are going home tomorrow - or maybe to Uncle P's for the night which will be cooooool!  He loves me and always ruffles me up so that dog hair goes everywhere.   

I'm a little confused though because Dad has been packing some of his climbing gear and stuff that we wouldn't normally need to drive home.  Big thick clothes and boots and stuff, and lots of food.   I wonder if it's anything to do with the snowy stuff?


  1. Always pays to organise for the worst possible scenario little woofter. Barney dog say its flipping cold here in the midlands and he has a dense fluffy coat and its still Brrrrrrr.

  2. Have a safe trip, Spot - and a great Christmas!

  3. Oh yes so very important indeed! Hope your journey is safe and fun all the way home to Mum!

  4. Arf arf....woof woof woof!!!

    (dog speak for Happy Holidays dearest puppy!)


  5. That is a very nice coat, and sensible too. Not like the silly puffballs in my neighbourhood who wear Juicy Couture and Burberry.

  6. Thanks everyone, very tired after the long drive today.

    @Sparkling Red: yes it's a cosy waxed jacket with furry lining, the humans are quite envious I think!

    DJ X


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