Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Love where you live

I have been trying to find out about travel insurance for trips within the UK, since Mr H and I have a hotel booked with a 'no cancellation' clause (that's how we could afford it!).  So there's the question of not losing our week's money if we can't get there for some reason.

All the travel insurance information I look at only seems to refer to people flying abroad. I have come to the conclusion that those of us who predominently holiday within our own beautiful countryside are very much in the minority.   There are still so many places we haven't explored, and the week we have booked is in the Peak District which is beautiful area right in the middle of the country.

Others do not seem to even consider it - if they are having a holiday then there is no question that they will  being queueing in the airport for a week in the sun, or on the slopes. 

No flying required

Give us the wilds of Scotland, a long-distance path along a yet to be explored coastline, or a quiet Cornish campsite anytime (yes, they do exist, out of season).   We do make exceptions for visiting friends in the Dordogne on occasion ;-)

[*Mel, I can see you shaking your head in horror already!]

So I have resorted to e-mailing a question about travel insurance to one of the companies. I daresay they will reply once they have recovered from the shock.


  1. *laughing* SHOW me the hotel!!!!!!

    Oh, yaknow....I'm just a wuss. LOL I'd love the view and I'd love the campfire. I might even make a few hours IN the tent before demanding a hot shower and a fluffy cover on a bed.....with a matters....without critters trying to get into where I'm sleeping!
    Yup. LOL WUSS!!!!!

    But I'm with ya on so many places to explore, so little time! We don't have to go far to have an adventure. They seem to crop up any place we go.
    So--either we're easily amused OR folks miss what's available in their own back yard. Or......both maybe?

    <-- NOT amused by critters trying to share my sleeping space! (just sayin'...LOL)

  2. I love this country I live in though been a while since I'd been on holiday. Hubs mum said we could go down to Plymoth to visit but we declined as the prospect of a 5hr+ journey with a 3 year old made me shudder. I can hop on a bus though and be somewhere beautiful in 20 minutes thats the pluses of our small little island

  3. Very interesting,I'll have to check out your Peak District sounds like my kind of place. I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm sure like you said once they recover they'll get back to you....I wrote a response about Folate! The Holiday Carolers! ..and of course it's all about being healthy, but they dare say that folate deficiency has been linked to's amazing about simple vitamins and what they can do for us isn't it?

  4. I hope your vacation goes along smoothly and no bad hiccups arise. I hate hiccups in that sense (or any sense) like dad going to the hospital on vacation.

    Let's hope the 3rd time is the charm going to the same place and him NOT going to the hospital this time.

  5. Give me a week in the sun! I'll put up with the queues and the airport security checks just to feel the sun seep through my cold, white body!


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