Friday, 17 December 2010

Catch up

Sorry, it's been an 'interesting' week with work and my head has been full of that so nothing to post here!   And it's ongoing so if I'm a bit 'dot-and-carry-one' (as my boss puts it) over the next few days, that's why.

I have realised the similarities between some aspects of my work and designing a psychology experiment.  In both there are a lot of 'what if' questions to ask ourselves.  At work it revolves round rule-writing or programming - watching for loopholes, or odd boats that won't fit, or the way others will intepret it, or a myriad of other things. It's a part of work which can be really frustrating, but I enjoy.   Similarly with psychological studies there are the Confounding Variables which will mess up the results.

On another subject, I got the latest 4 x-rays on disk so I have updated the x-rays page.  They look fairly similar except for the fact that the bone-coloured areas are growing!   Still I looked at them and though "Why the hell was I even thinking about driving?".  This is one of them:

I have told my boss that the full days in the office aren't working; they were really an experiment so that's fine.   They involve so much stimulation, and getting up and down to see people and discuss things, that for that evening and the whole of the next day I feel exhausted and emotional.  It's just not worth it.  So I've suggested 3 half-days a week (starting after the New Year); anyway it's not as though I'm not working while I'm here at home, in fact I'm probably doing more.

Today I am going in for a lunchtime meeting about some technical stuff so will be there for the afternoon.  Then I need to set to some studying reading this weekend.  Christmas is all done and bought and there is no more money left so I won't be going near any shops!  Just counting down to Thursday when Mr H gets home :-)


  1. Yay! I hope Mr. H has a safe trip and I know the feeling with the shopping part. Shopping is so exhausting but when you got the right gift it's exhilarating!

    Take it easy Juni!

  2. Well, I'm proud of you for re-evaluating and asking for what you need.

    I soooooo suck at that.

    So--six more sleeps and the mister(s) will be home! Woooooohooooo!!!!
    (personally, I'da saved the shopping for him....LOL)

  3. Mel, we did most of the present shopping together in Scotland - and it's really safer if I'm in charge of the food ;-)

    Yes I've got much better at the 'asking for what I need' thing, it's still difficult but the crash really helped me re-evaluate my priorities in that respect. Also I'm very fortunate that a) my boss and colleagues are fantastic and b) I can easily do my work remotely from home.

  4. I enjoy reading your "catch ups" and glad you have Christmas finished.....not so in my world, but as far as the x-ray that as frail as it appears to be in the photo.....I just can't imagine....??????

  5. Juniper: I think you are a champion. Many people would have been down for the count with the blows you suffered this past year. Instead, you handled it marvelously, and in your spare time you made so many of us happy with your interesting posts. Enjoy your holiday season!!

  6. Karen - I know what you mean, what's there must be pretty strong, but there still seem to be holes!

    JJ - thanks :-)


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