Monday, 6 December 2010

The Leg - update!

5 months since the crash:

Hi, well I went for x-rays this morning. The last ones were 2 months ago, when I was told I could progress from non-weight bearing to 30% bodyweight, and that I could be on one crutch by now as long as it didn't hurt too much. That's pretty much what I've been doing, and using one crutch indoors, but two if I need to walk any distance.

Today's x-rays looked really good. I'm not sure how to describe it but there is callus/bone all the way down my femur now, if you see what I mean, no gaps. All the screws are still where they should be and the nail is still straight! 

I saw a young-ish Registrar, who seemed to have more time than the consultants I normally see, and took the trouble to see how far my knee would bend (good), and how much strength my thigh muscles had. He got the x-rays up on the screen and referred back to the prevoius ones for comparison, and explained everything really clearly.

Instructions now are to put an increasing amount of weight on it over the next 3 months, as much as I feel it can take; but still with the support of one crutch to start with.

I asked about driving: but apparently this question is not up to them but up to the insurance company, and someone else I forget. The braking foot is the important bit, and the basic question is: if I was involved in an incident, could I stand up in front of a judge and swear that I was in complete control of the vehicle? Obviously at the moment, no; apart from anything else, I'd be thinking about my leg and not concentrating properly. He said that I'm not going to be driving for the next three months, which is a nuisance but it's not worth the risk, is it?

So that's where I am now, and my next appointment isn't for 3 months ie. the the beginning of March. I will post the latest x-rays when I have them!


While I was waiting I met a girl in her late 20s who was on my ward for a couple of days, so we had a good chat. She had what I thought was a cracked pelvis which sounded like it would heal quickly; but evidently not since she is still being x-rayed and using a crutch 5 months later.  I don't think it was quite as simple as it sounded when she first described it to me.  Anyway, she did it just tripping over on a pavement, which must be really depressing.


  1. Wow! Three more months. That's crazy. But you're right. It's totally not worth the risk. Still, yay! You're progressing!!!

  2. Glad that you're improving! I'm hoping for the best for you!

  3. Wow, it's been two months already! I would say don't rush driving or pushing your body too might as well wait for nicer weather matter how well you drive there are some other winter drivers that should be banned from the roads...don't you think? We had some really bad accidents this last weekend, black ice in areas and drivers on Saturday who don't drive much during the week and it really shows...our freeway was stopped for hours! Grrrr..

  4. Yup--if you're pretty sure that's where the focus would be and that your reaction time would be compromised--GOOD CHOICE. Not an easy/fun one...I'm very clear it's an inconvenience, but apparently a necessary one.

    And it's been two months?! Holy moly.....
    You just keep healin' ma'am--you're doing a standup job of it!

  5. Best to you, Juniper. Good news!

  6. Congratulations on the good news! Slowly but surely, you'll get there.


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