Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Pressing 'Send'

Today I worked a half-day on the premise that I worked a few hours over the weekend for the Phuket regatta.  Normally I would not bother to take the time in lieu, but today I felt that I needed it so stopped work at lunchtime. 

This afternoon I procrastinated for a while, writing to Mr H. and to his sister, and doing a bit of shopping on Amazon... I have ordered myself an indoor cycle-exerciser like this:

Mr H. suggested getting one of those racks that you fix your bicycle to which turns it into a fixed training bike, but I don't have the space for that in the house!  So, I think this will be good for some exercise for my leg; and apparently you can put it on the table and use it for your arms as well. All while watching DVDs or writing a blog, although yes if you were exercising you arms that would make typing difficult 

After making myself yet another cup of tea, I settled down to get on with some OU studying, I had to finish writing up the design for an experiment and try and incorporate 'adrenaline junkies' into my essay about neurons. A stroke of genius as an example, I thought!  After reading it, re-reading it, re-re-reading it and trying to trim some words out of it, I had finally had enough and pressed SEND.   

It's always a bit of a scary moment, submitting essays. It's almost as bad as that 'Message Sent' moment on e-mail or text when you've told someone something they might not want to hear. Or asked a question you're not sure you want the answer to.  You know that it's Out There and there's nothing you can do about it, no matter how many times you press Cancel.


  1. Yeah I could never get myself to take an online class. I'll never get anything done if I don't sit in a classroom for an hour or two.

    Yeah I would love to see you exercise with your arms and write a blog. Pictures please!

  2. I pause before hitting 'send'.
    But that's mostly cuz of getting to deal in others' experience of hitting reply all and saying things in places that ought not be said.

    I prefer not to have that mess, ty.


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