Saturday, 13 November 2010

Six Word Saturday

I can't believe it's Saturday again aleady, this week seems to have flown by.

Five days until I see them!

Yes folks I am going for my first visit to Ayrshire and I can't wait!   Well it's not strictly my first visit, since we did the 8-hours-each-way drive up in May to view the flat (apartment), and back the same day; we had about an hour to look round the flat and check out the village and dog-walking possibilities and got home at 2am.    Yes that sounds mad but the flat sounded perfect and we didn't want to miss it, that is the problem with looking for somewhere to rent 450 miles away.

This is one of the things that sold it to me...

We don't have a bath at home, only a shower.  This place has a bathroom and a shower room, decadence! (Yes that's me in the mirror)

This was one of the things that sold it to both of us....

30 seconds outside the back door - a big rough area for walking Django and a fly-fishing river for Mr H in the summer.

So now I am going for my first proper visit, it's going to be great to explore the area and see the places Mr H works.  I'm flying up and have assistance booked at the airport, which means I get someone to push me around in a wheelchair and board the plane first.   That is going to offend my independent sensibilities but I am going to swallow my pride and enjoy it ;-)


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  2. Juniper, that's a pretty name, and I have not heard it before.

    Congrats on your new flat. It will be nice to live there where your hubby can fish. My hubby would love that too.

    I hope that you will heal from your injury soon and be able to enjoy your new place.

    Have a Happy Saturday!

  3. enjoy your new flat and have a nice trip.

    my entry, awards for you.

  4. Yay good for you hope you enjoy your visit, the area looks idilic. I must say I'm a bath person love to lounge and read.

  5. Oh have a safe journey, and wonderful trip, and give Django a great big hug for me. I too would take this place immediately, great bathroom and a fantastic outdoors too! What fun you're going to have....hope your weather is all you want it to be! HAVE FUN!

  6. Thanks all!

    Linda, Juniper is my nom-de-plume ;-) I wouldn't mind adopting it though.

  7. That bathroom looks awesome Juni! I know you're gonna enjoy this!

  8. Whoa.
    Fly fishing! :-)

    yeahyeahyeah....bathroom with a tub....AND fly fishing!!!! :-D

  9. Wow...i like your bathroom and fly fishing I can do with that and your back door is beautiful. My first entry for SWS.


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