Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Power napping & Comfort food

After writing my earlier post I dropped off to sleep for about 15 minutes... I woke up thinking it was morning and wondering why the music was on!

Well it did the trick, gave me the energy to cook myself some comfort food and do the washing up.  I compared my comfort food with the recipe Karen sent me for Tomato and Potato Mash and reckoned that it qualified as a variation. No potatoes and a jar of Fajita sauce instead of tomato bisque soup. Courgettes instead of tinned veg. No cheese; and served with rice.  Yep almost the same ;-)


  1. Juniper: You know I love this meatless dish!

  2. Glad you picked up a bit. The power of the power nap.

  3. Yum!

    No meats--I'm all about that. And any time there's zuchinni...YUM!

    Actually, himself made a most excellent dinner tonight and I'm beyondddd stuffed.
    Geeze, he's a good little cook!

  4. Oh my gosh, it looks divine! Thankly food is simmering in the oven because I nearly tried eating your picture! lol seriously ...honest to goodness comfort food at it's best, even if there's no meat...! and the best part (while it all cooked) is how yummy the house smells!

  5. Ah, courgettes! I just roasted some with chicken for tomorrow's lunch. (I don't like cold sandwiches for lunch, even if they are easier to prepare.) I usually refer to them as zucchini, however tomorrow I will remember you and think of them as courgettes. :-)

  6. Sorry to disappoint you all but there was mince in it (just hidden by the camera) ;-) but it would have been pretty good without as well. This is a pretty typical looking meal for my house, with variations on the theme!

    Sparkling Red: After I wrote it I did wonder what you guys call courgettes - thanks for reminding me!

  7. That looks delicious...perfect comfort food!


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