Sunday, 7 November 2010

Just because

On the subject of books, I just came across this little sketch I did back in August; books and other bits and pieces piled on top of my art trunk (which contains canvases and lots of things I thought at some point might 'come in useful').  Thought you might like it.

I have officially moved upstairs now, and after my friend comes over to help me with the sofa-bed tomorrow evening, I will be able to transfer Base Camp back into to a sitting room again.   That feels like a huge step.   However in the meantime I'm struggling to find homes for all those little things I gathered and kept around me during the last 4 months of sleeping in here - some of them might end up in a 'miscellaneous' box until I get sorted out.

My neighbour from across the road came across earlier and I saw her coming, so opened the door to catch her, she was just dropping off a leaflet to say they are having a fireworks party this evening, advance warning for those with pets; they are very considerate like that. Of course we chatted a bit about how I'm getting on, and she invited me over for a drink to see the show, so who knows I might just go!

I hope you've all had a good weekend, I'm back to my books for another hour or so to study neurons and hormone and chromosomes...  it's a good chapter because there are lots of pictures, which reduces the number of words ;-)


  1. 'Miscellaneous' boxes are very very useful, although in my experience they take ages to get sorted out afterwards. I think you should definitely pop over to see those fireworks and have a convivial drink. I would!

  2. great news...and i like the sketch.
    I have a LOT of miscellaneous boxes LOL, some day i will get to them :)

  3. Yay for progress! I'm so happy for you Juni!


  4. Nice of your neighbours to let you know about the firework party no one in my area are that considerate about pets. Did you go over, if so did you have a nice time.

    Nice to hear that you are back upstairs, bet it was so nice to be in your own bed again.

  5. those are considerate neighbors--and kindly for inviting you. Might as well. I mean, it's not like you're going to sleep through the fireworks, right. LOL

    I'm glad for the progress--and miscellanous boxes are wonderful things to seal up and stick away. It's like finding a treasure box later! :-)

  6. Very nice sketch!...and I hope you join the party!

  7. They are the only neighbours that do, 4 others have had fireworks over the last few nights, I've been glad Django isn't here.

    I didn't go in the end, since when the time came I was on the sofa under the duvet drooling over Dermot Mulroney in the Wedding Date ;-)


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