Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Back to work, kind of....

Today was a wierd day, I spent most of it sitting on Mr H's sofa with my laptop, working. I had toast for breakfast, and toast for lunch (I forgot he said there was a pie I could have, in the fridge); I swore at the electric hob which took hours to cook my egg, to go on my toast, which I burned.

I took Django out for a mid-morning and mid-afternoon stroll in the field by the river, and have somehow managed to make the bungee in one of my crutches loose while banging mud out of the bottom of it (something for Mr H to fix).

I feel more tired from sitting here all day working than I did from walking miles across a beach and back in the fresh air.   I've got niggles about a friend who seems to have gone quiet and is normally very chatty with me, and like we all do I started thinking 'what have I done/said to cause that?' while all the time I know that it's not me, it's her - and the best thing to do is shrug it off and see what happens.

Mr H just pulled up in the van, so time to put the kettle on!!!


  1. I am one of those people that sometimes goes into hiding, even from my friends and family. It always passes eventually. Those who persist in contacting me will find that I am quite grumpy with them. Apologetic, but grumpy.

  2. hmm, yes, sounds like an odd day. Still, I'm enjoying myself reading about it - and about your holiday snaps, too ;) Weird, though, about the faux snow on the trees! :o

  3. One of the beauties of doing work online you are able to spend time with Hubby. Hum Kettle on I could do with a cuppa right about now.

    I wouldn't worry to much about your friend people ebb and flow like tides and you don't know what could be going off at her home that could be distracting her. Just wait it out.

    Glad to here you are having a lovely time with your boys.

  4. It's just not your space yet, is it (Mr. H's sofa?)

    So often friends not being in touch in this computer world is to do with mechanical failure of some sort. I am slowly learning that in more fragile peoples' cases it is about their inability to cope with things, not something you have done or can do anything about. Doesn't stop the wondering though.

  5. Rosie, no it's not mine yet... but this week is helping :-)

    Her computer's fine and she's not fragile; just fickle.

  6. I have a couple fickle people in my life. I just let 'em go where they need to go, do what they need to do--and refuse to let it be about me.
    I mean seriously--there's enough times it IS about me, why borrow more!?!


    I say limit the time doing work and walk the puppy more.
    I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
    And you could call it physical therapy!....hey....maybe you could deduct the whole trip as a health intervention!!!!!!

    Just sayin'.....

  7. Mel, yeah I know.. I too have a couple of them. Not this time but a lot of time the ficklness messes up my life as well, which is when it gets irritating. Sadly I have found that the only way around it is to stop bothering, it saves disappointment later.

    I have just had some physical therapy down a frosty path to the river with the puppy; I think I got some BW material too :-)


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