Monday, 29 November 2010

Door to door

I just had a visit from two lads from Southern Electric. I reckon they must have been given the job of door to door visiting on a cold November day as some sort of penance for a transgression. Their hearts really weren't in it.

SE Man : Er yeah, hi, we're from Southern Electric?

Me :  Oh right, have you come to read the meter?  [then notice there's a 2nd man lad]

SE Man : Er no, er this is my colleague. We've got a list of people in your area and er, it look like, er you might not be getting the best deal at the moment?

Me :  Well, I'm with npower anyway not Southern Electric.  [nb. they still read the meter even though the bill comes from npower. Yes, confusing I know]

SE Man : Yeah, but, I dunno I've been given this list and you might not be getting the best price?

Me : I'm sorry, I don't understand. [understanding perfectly that they didn't know what they were here for]

SE Man : Yeah, no, er [points to my highlighted name on his list] apparently you might not be on the best tariff?

Me : Well I'm with npower anyway, and I'm quite happy with my tariff.

SE Man : Er, ok, no worries then.

[walks dejectedly away with his mate]

As I watched them walk away, I felt quite sorry for them.


  1. Odd isn't it? Although having face to face contact is possibly nicer then the letter in the mail we often don't bother to read...but I too am still wondering what their point was? Sometimes you never know who comes knocking!....we have a joke about that over here, if it's rocking....oh anyway have a tremendous day! ;)

  2. I too have had experiences like this, where the caller isn't at all sure why they are here/what they are selling me and look so very dejected when they are unsuccessful and I end up feeling very sorry for them. Hard times have forced so many people into hard poor paying jobs that they aren't suited to.

  3. Wow--door to door stuff is pared down to the cute little Boy Scout who wants to sell me candy. Somehow I end up buying every time.
    And they don't know their spiel any better than your two did!
    They are cuter than a bugs ear though.....

  4. I hate it when people come door to door trying to sell stuff, well the older people. young kids I understand, they're forced to do it.

    I hated doing that as a kid.

  5. Aw. That is the saddest. They should probably look into new professions.


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