Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rambling on

Yesterday turned out ok, having woken up feeling so lousy and telling everyone that I wouldn't be coming into the office (I got about 3 texts saying "can I get you anything?" bless them) I didn't feel like much breakfast so sneaked in an episode of Downton Abbey (Maggie Smith is so brilliant!) on ITVPlayer before work. Such decadence!

I then worked in my PJs in bed and thankfully didn't have too many e-mails. Monday's usually present a bulging inbox as I have USA mails sent on their Friday afternoon and Aussie mails sent on their Monday, if you see what I mean.

I was feeling quite a bit better by lunchtime and my best work friend (to distinguish her from my best best friend) E called in for lunch and bearing posh biscuits, so we sat and chatted and gossiped; and she reminded me that I am supposed to be getting myself better, not worrying about getting into the office; although she understood why I wanted to go in.  Apparently the boss had said he wasn't sure how I felt about him visiting, so I said to tell him he can come anytime; usually he will just come over if there are specific things he wants to discuss with me.  I have a great relationship with my boss, based on mutual respect; I am one of the few with whom he will share ideas about the future, and other subjects where he needs a sounding board, and we get on really well.

So at 3.30 I got a call from him saying "Do you fancy a cup of tea in half an hour?" and he turned up with very fattening jam and cream iced buns, and we just chatted about all sorts of things that are going on with work; and what our personal plans are for 3-4 years time.  I think he was pleased to have an excuse to escape from the office for an hour!

I was halfway though Episode 5 of Downton Abbey when my Friend from the North phoned (the flaky one who was going to visit but didn't) and we had a great chat, very upbeat and light hearted. He knows now that he's not allowed to lecture me on health care so only made one wee comment and then said "I'll shut up now".  No matter how flaky he is with commitment to arrangements, I do know that he cares about my welfare.

So all in all it turned out to be quite a sociable day!

Now I have to wait until next Monday to watch the next episode of Downton Abbey - damn, I knew I should have saved one...


  1. *laughing*

    Well then--I'm now going to ring into work and tell them I feel lousey and I won't be making it in.

    You think I'll be getting lunch and biscuits and jam delivered?
    Surely if it works for you it'd work for me!


  2. Mel, what the hell it's worth a try ;-)


  3. We're really enjoying Downton Abbey too. And they're going to do another series yay.

  4. It all sounds very pleasant for a Monday.

  5. Do you think they, or rather some were feeling a bit guilty and sorry for some of their earlier comments.....?! it is nice to know though that you have people in your corner and they care and THEY bring goodies! Friends bearing gifts are always welcome right?

  6. Karen, no none of these had anything to feel guilty about!

    Yes always welcome :-)

  7. Good luck with the getting better, being sick sucks and yeah.

    Jam sounds so good right now. I'm super hungry right now but I'm taking a break before I get my paper together. All the information is had, not time to organize. This is going to be a long night.



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