Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New pages

Well, today is disgusting and wet so I'm quite glad I'm not going to the office again until Thursday!  I can huddle here and work with mugs of hot chocolate and cosy slippers instead...

I realised that many of you probably get completely confused about what I'm talking about, so I've added a new page about my boys.

Another new page is that my sitting room is now back to normal ie. the sofa-bed is a sofa again and the room feels huge now!   It will be nice not to have to sit on the bed when I have guests ;-)

Right, on with those e-mails!


  1. Ohhh....and you know how to create pages!
    Aren't you just a creative person!

    I know how to hit 'publish'. *laughing*
    Here ends my computer saavy.

    I'll hope the Mr. is on his way to feeling better--and that the cozy slippers do what they do well!

  2. Mel, in the tabs for Posting there are New Post, Edit Posts and Edit Pages. If you go to that last one you can create (or edit) a page. You then have to add the Page bar to the design (or it might already be there in your template) and in the design of that you can choose whether to show all your pages or only some of them.

    I'm having hot chocolate and reading a letter from Mr H right now, and yes slippers are cosy :-)

  3. You're getting a bit too good at all this blogging lark - pages now! Brilliant.

    We are having another inside day because it is disgusting outside (but not snowy).

    I think you should add abouthow you write all the time to the bit about Mr A being away. They are such a big part of your lives.

  4. The x-ray page has been there for ages ;-)

    Letters.. ok good idea!

    Flood warnings on the south coast, glad we live on a hill (sort of!)


  5. Enjoy your free time (sort of) work from home anyway, I am about to start my day away from the sweet bounty of what my home is to me!...Hope Django is keeping warm!

  6. Oh yeah and thanks for the new page info, although I'm currently having other issues with photos and such. Can only get my mobile, cell phone shots....glitches or gremlins...whatever! Knowing me, it's probably something I'm doing wrong, or did wrong! Who knows?

  7. It's been pretty dreary up here in the midlands though thankfully my little lad for once seemed content to be inside.

    Hum how I miss just snuggling in a blanky and drinking tea (thats my drink of choice) now I have to play trains all day Lucky you - though you still had work to do.


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