My boys and me

Updated 10 July 2014.

For those of you who don't know the history (ie. most of you!) and wonder what on earth I'm talking about half the time, here is a brief background.

My main boy is Mr H, we have been married since 1989.  You can read about how we met by checking out the 'Me and Him' labelled posts.

He was a traditional upholsterer by trade for over 20 years, firstly working for others and then running his own business doing domestic and posh hotel upholstery and the odd bit of classic car trimming. 

Aged 40 he decided that he wanted a complete change and took a Foundation Degree in Woodland Management. After he graduated, his first job took him 450 miles away to Scotland to work, since despite living on the edge of the New Forest, there are no forestry jobs going.

After a year of living 450 miles apart we were both getting down-hearted about it, and in January 2012 he took a job trimming (upholstery etc.) classic cars, mainly Jaguars to top of the range stuff. He made himself pretty much indispensable there, but his heart wasn't in it.  He missed the forests and being outside, and has just landed a fantastic job with the Forestry Commission locally, supervising its work on wetland restoration.

My second boy until Dec 2013 was Django, an English Pointer and you can read about him here. Having gone through the trauma of euthanizing him, six months later I have a new second boy - Lazlo, another Pointer.

As for me, I've been working in the same office for 29 years now, you can read a bit about my job here. Outside work my interests are motorsport - hill climbing a 1968 Hillman Imp; walking, reading, and an Open University degree in Psychology with Criminology. I started in October 2009 and if all goes to plan I should be finished by ... er... June 2015!