Saturday, 6 November 2010

TP 122: Electric

May I present my late grandmother's Sunbeam electric hand mixer; a little piece of history, I guess dating from the post-war era.

And yes, it still works!


  1. funny how the old stuff works and lasts sooooo much longer than what you buy today....I wish I still had my old toaster many have we gone through now....!

  2. that is just too cool , what a treasure

  3. *laughing and waving*

    Hello ol' long time friend to Juniper!

    How cool is that....

  4. Karen: we had her toaster too, which went on for ages!

    This mixer is so friendly - instead of coming on at high speed and throwing the stuff everywhere, it takes a while to warm up to speed ;-)

  5. I found one comparable on Ebay. The bid was up to $300.00 with five days to go, and no sentimental value! It was different back then, when they did not produce things made to last only a year so you had to buy a new one. Those were the days they spelled greed PRIDE! Great item.

  6. Yep, hard to believe nowadays but once upon a time things were built to last. Interesting take on the theme. Well done.

  7. I truly miss those old appliances that often outlasted marriages and houses. My parents' stove was still going strong 42 years after they bought their house and furnished it. A new stove might last a decade.

    It saddens me that modern life is so ephemeral. I wish things would last longer than they do. Thank you for the timely reminder - and for the very creative twist on this week's theme!


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