Thursday, 4 November 2010

Books and un-related stuff

Somehow it seems wrong that it being November last night I woke up half a dozen times in a hot sweat.  First the PJ top came off, then the bottoms, then the duvet off... nooo that's too cold.  It must be this winter duvet my friend G has lent me, will have to have the window open tonight!     

But on the good side, my leg didn't ache enough to keep me awake; I had toyed with the idea of taking a DHC before bed, but my policy at the moment is take each 12 hours as they come in that respect.    

I liked Karen's idea of going somewhere I could lose myself, I think that place would be the library or a bookshop... the library is safer otherwise I would end up buying books!  I'm a sucker for them, especially reference books. 

You can trace our interests over the last 20 years by the books on our shelves: cars, mountains, bees, boats, car trimming, horses, interior design, plants, the English language, psychology, guitars, criminology, French, car rallying, history.  Not to mention all the usual atlases, dictionaries and encyclopaedias.  Some of them we haven't looked at in years but would never get rid of them; who knows when you might want to look up details about the valve seats in "Tuning the A-Series Engine" or the contribution of Gaelic to the English language?

Yes a bookshop or library is definitely the place to go to lose myself.


  1. a library does sound like the perfect place to loose yourself....happy getting lost :)

  2. I totally go to bookshops when I'm sad and just sit there and read. It's my happy place. But I have to admit that, despite my earnest desire to be the intellectual type who would opt to learn there, I never make it out of the fiction section. Ever.

  3. For me it's a record shop. I just love to hear, see and feel music.

  4. Whether its a library or record shop, just going by myself and taking my time looking is fun... Though looking at books and hearing music in the background is heaven as well as sitting in a corner of that store -sheer bliss.

  5. I'm glad your leg didn't ache. I know when my knee aches nothing can shut it up and it's a waiting game.

  6. Juniper: You are so right. Bookshelves are like autobiographies.

  7. Oh goody, can I come along too? I love books ... reading to be sure, but also the smell and the feel of them. Like you I'm partial to (or a sucker for) reference books. I love fiction, but I had to quit reading it for the most part because when I get lost in a story I pretty much stop functioning. Can't seem to put them down, even to sleep.


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