Thursday, 25 November 2010

LitLove on Studying

Rosie e-mailed me with this link, as she thought I'd be interested (she was right!),  It's well worth a read.

It made me think about the pressure for me to do well on my Open University course. I mentioned the other evening that I shouldn't feel as pressured as when I was younger and doing school and college work, after all I am only doing this for myself... but as Mr H pointed out, we are our own toughest critics, and I reckon he is right.

Some of the points in LitLove's post rang a bell; for instance the feeling that 'everyone else' sails through the studying and essays, and retains all the information and can regurgitate it at will, either into an essay or into a conversation or at a tutorial, whereas sometimes my mind is a complete blank.  And the worry about exams, although it is 7 months away.. I'm not so bad that I am doing past exam papers though!

It was also interesting about people being ashamed to admit that they need help; I can definitely relate to that. If I was getting really stuck it would take a lot to get me to approach the OU study help people; it would be akin to going to a debt management company.  Having to admit that you can't cope with something that you have taken on yourself. ie. I got myself into this, I have to get myself out of it.

Hopefully I won't get to that stage, and if I can keep up the excitement and enthusiasm for my future path, rather than thinking "why am I doing this anyway?", that will surely help!

In the meantime here is a relaxing photo of where I am sitting right now, not doing any studying. Kind of working, on our 2011 application form design.  I'm upstairs in the the left hand section of the long side facing you..


  1. has Mr H fixed your crutch then?

    I think the fact that you have chosen to do the course adds a pressure. At school, at that age and even later it was a sort of compulsory thing. Now it's all your idea.

    Lovely that you are continuing to find things that are new and mind expanding.

  2. Haha, I fixed it with some gaffer tape. That one is no longer easily foldable!

  3. Thank you for carrying on this conversation! My experience is that most students really hate asking for help, and that they equate it with failure, which is a real shame because it's so human and necessary to make mistakes. What I do find is that the students who are prepared to ask the most questions in lessons, to be sure they've understood, are the ones I never have to worry about. It's the ones who keep quiet about the small things until they build up into big things that end up in trouble. Maybe it's just that asking is a good habit to develop, and keeps people engaged.

    I also think it's really necessary to have a good moan from time to time - learning is hard work, whatever age or stage we're at.

    Good luck with the course - it sounds extremely interesting, and where you are working looks very beautiful in a wild and unspoilt way!

  4. Looks like quite the relaxing place...good place to study and create as well. as for moan...oh yes moan makes a person feel good...can't keep things bottled up inside, and sometimes it puts other people on task and things get done or better. Hug Django! Send more photos of him!

  5. Ohhhhh....I'd never get any work done.

    The problem is we know too much and we think we oughta know more?
    If that makes anyone besides me. LOL


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