Monday, 29 November 2010

Happy Monday!

I spent most of yesterday working on my second essay, and every time I itched to put a semi-colon I put a full stop instead. Aaaaghh it hurt!  ok deep breaths.  It's nowhere near finished and isn't due til after Christmas but it's good to have a first draft down. I also need to put in the references, and an intro and and outro which are the hardest bits not to sound waffly in!  Then the second part of the assignment is analysing statistics, so that shouldn't be too hard if I put my logical head on.

I was going to go into the office today, but had a lousy night's sleep; it must have been the glass of wine I had last night, I'm supposed to be avoiding alcohol while on DHC.  Still, when I did sleep I had 'interesting' dreams about friends discovering they had two children they didn't know about and tasked me to find them. I was expecting kiddies but they turned out to be about 18.   The night before I dreamed about riding a temperamental horse that talked, and meeting a lady who had fallen off her penny-farthing bicycle. 

Anyway, I decided to work at home, and can always use the excuse that there's a light frost this morning and our steps to the office are 'treacherous' in the winter. I chose that word carefully by the way, I want to use it before the local press do. Last winter a friend and I ran statistical analysis of the words they used to describe the conditions. I remember that 'treacherous' came out top by a mile. Though to be fair, in January we did have rain/freeze/rain/freeze which resulted in everything being covered in an inch of ice - I needed my spiky walking poles to walk to work, because it was like walking on..well.. ice.

Treacherous walk to work, Jan 2010


  1. We watched QI last night and Stephen Fry said that there was only one antibiotic that you had to avoid alcohol with, whereas the received wisdom is that you can't drink with any of them. Apparently the first antibiotics were given for syphillis and they didn't kick in for a week so men were advised not to drink for that week so they kept their dick in their pants!! Didn't mention painkillers though.

  2. Haha! Stephen Fry is always good for interesting info ;-) I used to use anti-biotics as an excuse in the yacht club bar after racing, when the men were trying to get me drunk; in those days I wasn't as assertive as I am now!

    My DHC says 'avoid alcohol' and it doesn't bother me in the least, saves me money too.


  3. Well it could be again sleeping without the boys too.....but dreams are always welcome, unless they're nightmares right? and I fear that word treacherous because I hear it's coming our way again and I have 75 miles to drive in the early morning hours.....grrrrrrrrrrr! do you have spikes for my tires? ha ha

  4. did you read my silly little s.-c. quotes? Twain's was especially oddly-silly to me. Now there is a writer with very looooooooooog sentences.....!

  5. I'm sure that 'period' was a killer. I did note you slipped in the semi-colon chin up! ;-)

    Ice and snow. I hear it's still comin' there. And it's now scheduled to come here.
    I thank you for being the sharing type. :-/
    Sorta. LOL

  6. 'treacherous weather conditions'/
    Now there's a bit of psycho-linguistics for you :-)
    Almost as good as "Is anybody sitting there?",(pointing to an empty seat),
    which I still find the most hilarious phrase in the English language.
    Sorry to learn that you have been having such a difficult time these past months.

  7. Thanks Joco. Oh yes the empty chair comment is a classic isn't it ;-)


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