Saturday, 27 November 2010

Six Word Saturday

Flying Home to my other Reality

We woke to half an inch of snow on the ground, but still-green hills!   Checked Glasgow Airport, all scheduled flights leaving as planned.  Friend texted to say there is no snow at home.

Phew, it sounds like I will be home without too much trauma.  Except that of being dropped off by Mr H and Django at the airport, I have made sure I have my hankie in my pocket...

River Doon


  1. Have a good flight as you begin the adjustment to your other Reality!

  2. I'm not certain where the River Doon is located, but it is my kind of world! Enjoy.

  3. Hoping your journey is safe, trouble free, (remember the stone cottage or whatever lol) and how lucky are you that winter is still escaping your life! That is so hopeful isn't it? ;)

  4. I flew home last night after a week in Wisconsin. I tell ya, 47 degrees in DC feels downright balmy!

    We Are Family

  5. Enjoy your other reality! It is always hard to be away from the ones we love though!

    Happy SWS!

  6. Thanks everyone; it is a strange feeling having two Realities ;-)


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