Friday, 5 November 2010

Two small steps for woman...

Raggy the Bear was none too impressed with my handiwork.

Yesterday I had to change the sheets on the bed, normally I wait until Mr H is home and he does it, but this time it couldn't wait.  Stripping off is easy, but oh my goodness putting on a non-fitted sheet was such a pain! in fact I couldn't lift the mattress to tuck it in the back against the wall, so it will probably come out the first time I move.       Anyway in the end I slept upstairs and woke up starfished out on the double bed, mmmm!!  Hopefully I'll sleep upstairs more but it's good to have the sofabed made up for now, for those power naps if required...

This morning I went into the office; I didn't tell anyone except the girl giving me the lift, so that I didn't jinx it and wake up feeling ill.  These are the steps to my office, thanks to my technique practice over the last couple of days I breezed up them, albeit one step at a time.  

This is the view from our balcony, that I have looked at almost every day for the last 25+ years, I never get bored with it. Today was misty rain but on a clear day you can see the Isle of Wight.

The office was quiet-ish because two of the girls weren't in today; I think I subconsciously chose that as a plus point when I decided to go in today!   Unfortunately, having had plans to discuss a few things with the boss and then put a load of things on the website combined with training my colleague how to do it, it rather fell flat when said boss had forgotten he had a meeting to go to so was out for an hour and a half.  And then the documents for the website needed editing so we didn't do that either.  Oh well, it was good to see the place, and discover they have painted the ladies loo pink!   Did lots of chatting and discussing various office projects and suddenly it was nearly 1pm and time to come home.   Time certainly flies by faster there than it does here.

So that was all good and I will no doubt be going in again soon.


  1. Another step forward on the road to full recovery - brilliant.

    Did you notice how much more work you put in at home than in the office ha ha. I bet you have had a nice lie down on your newly made bed this afternoon. Hugs

  2. Yes on the amount of work.

    No on the rest, as I came home with a list of things to do this afternoon!

  3. I love days where it's misty like that, it makes me really happy.

    Yay for painting it pink and getting work done!

    You'll get better in no time hun!

  4. Yay! for another giant step back into the real world...and what a beautiful view too!...although those stairs....can't be exciting for the moment! Hang in there! You could suggest an electric lift, just kidding with electric as our theme this week!

  5. Yayslets for you :) Glad to hear you are managing stairs now.

  6. Whoa....with that view HOW do you get any work done?!


    I can see a farm and cows from my work window.
    NOT the same thing. LOL

  7. Mel, it can be distracting sometimes, especially when the pool is open (especially if the lifeguards are good looking) but I manage ;-)

  8. Yay for you! That is great progress!


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