Saturday, 6 November 2010

Double rings

I coloured my hair this morning so took my rings off and put them down on the little mirror in the bathroom.. the way they were doubled up in the mirror made me think of Mr H and how part of him is here, and part of me is there, somehow.  Does that sound really soft?     The silver one belongs to him, it has Scottish thistles on it, and I am wearing it while he is away.


  1. Of course you can wear it. You need not ask.

  2. haha ok thank you JJ! I have re-worded it ;-)

    Enjoy the coffee and the wife.

  3. your circle of love...
    joins you.... ;)

  4. great anolgy..i realy like the thistles ring

  5. If I were in your position I'd be wearing some of his clothes and be smelling it throughout the day to be reminded of my other.

    Scent is a big deal for me.

  6. Oh geeze....I did the same when himself and I were parted by the ocean.
    Now you're calling me soft....


  7. Ditz: hmm, I'm not sure what he's left behind that would be wearable! we are the same size for shirts though....

    Mel: there's nowt wrong with soft :-)

  8. I did the wear his clothes thing, and his ring AND I would hold his pillow that still smelled of him while I slept.

    mmm soft ... and comforting


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