Friday, 12 November 2010

TP 123: Black and White

Thematic Photographic..

Black and White fun!


  1. One happy dog, Barney loves the snow also. Your pooch really is a fine looking fella.

  2. of course this is the best black and white theme possible for his Mommy to post! It just makes me smile! Django you are so funny and happy in this photo! Yes it's wet and it's snow...only a dog could love this! What's that all over my nose!

  3. Happy Puppy!!

    Who could want for more.
    And how could ya not smile at his happiness....


  4. Oh my!! What a darling dog and a great photo :-)

  5. Oh he looks so happy! A great shot, Juniper. My dog stars in my TP post this week too :)

  6. I seriously want to give him a hug. There's nothing more warming to the soul than hanging with a great dog. I love, love, love this shot!


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