Thursday, 30 September 2010

How dare you laugh at my dog?

OK, we felt a little bit bad about it (not that much), but be honest, did you not laugh when you saw this picture?  This is what the nice-lady-vet did to Django to stop him licking his wounds; we laughed and pointed a lot and I don't think he's very impressed.

On the plus side, he is pleased to have his daddy home :-)


This afternoon we went to visit some of our friends up at the workshops where Mr H. used to have his upholstery business.  It is a rural set of some craft workshops such as an upholsterer, a metal sculptor, a picture framer and an antique restorer; but there are other random things in the mix such as a bakery, a gardener and a bloke who makes stainless steel fittings for yachts.  It has it's own community; and everybody knows what everybody else is doing....!    To the outsider it is an idyllic spot where people stand around in the yard chatting and joking, many of them have been there for a good few years. However, amongst all the casualness one forgets all the hard work that goes into their making a living, it's easy to forget the long hours Mr H. worked when he had his own business.  It is really nice that they always have time to have a break to catch up with a chat and a gossip though :-)

Tomorrow I have a day off (I officially don't have to look at my work e-mails!) and Mr H. and I were going to have a day out; unfortunately the forecast is awful so we'll have to go out with the rest of the world on Saturday. Ho hum.


  1. awww poor Django
    enjoy your day off

  2. aww, he's hanging his head down.. yep, he's embarrassed...hope he's feelin' better...has he chewed that sling off yet? lol

  3. Okay--I admit it. I smiled and was working up to a chuckle!

    Geeze....I'm battin' 100 here--first I accuse you of using crayons and then I chuckle at the puppy.

    I'm sure the naughty corner is over ----> there somewhere.
    You'll know where to find me! LOLOL

    Enjoy your time with the Mr.!!

  4. I laughed because it was blue. Had it been pink, I would have notified the authorities!

  5. Have a lovely day off ! My partner returns from Paris tomorrow, so I need to try and clean up this house!

    Hope the weather turns out better than predicted!

  6. That is a most fetching dogstocking! It has a kind of mid-1980's neon mesh appeal.

  7. No laughing but I did smile, hope it does the trick so the wound heals! Our vet likes to put what appears more like a lamp shade around their neck to keep dogs from licking their wounds! It's really sad! You have such an adorable doggie too....have a great day off and maybe the weather will surprise you and be beautiful! Karen

  8. Yep, I laughed. It looks like some sort of bikini top that's slipped a bit - or a lot!

    Have a lovely day whatever the weather. Give Al our love.

  9. Rosie, we did think it's a bit of a 80s mankini... ugh!!

    Karen - I tried the lamp shade on him (I borrowed one from the vet) but he totally freaked and was terrified when he hit it on the furniture! so that came off. I have got a 'comfy cone' now which is sort of soft but firm enough to work; so will try that if we have to.



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