Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Down time

I am feeling a little blue tonight, and I have no doubt that I will be told that it's because I'm overdoing it... how much physical and mental energy goes into mending a badly broken bone?   it doesn't seem logical that it should affect my brain but it does.

The rest of this post as originally written sounded downright miserable and that's not how I want to sound. 

I shall write more when I'm feeling more energetic....!


  1. In that case i just send you a big old hug.♥ Hope tomorrow will be a better day

  2. JJ: I came across your blog through another site when I noticed your name (obvious curiosity). I feel for you. I am, however, always a happy, positive, optimistic person. How much physical and mental energy goes into mending a badly broken bone? A lot, but not more than you can handle. I'm looking forward to catching you tomorrow - when you will be feeling up! I think I will follow along. Be well.

  3. Thanks to both, I'm hoping to dig myself out of the hole today...

    I think half the problem is that I've been trying to work nearly a full day (remotely from home) every day and didn't realise how knackering it would be! and I'm missing Mr H (now living in scotland) as well so that's not helping.

    JJ - ah yes I did see you somewhere and had similar curiosity but didn't get round to checking you out! I will do so now!


  4. I bet if you are working a full day from home you are actually doing more concentrated work than in the office. And without the giggles/irritations/gossip that provides the little breaks that make the day go along at work. Django just doesn't provide the same gossip ;-)

  5. Rosie, you're probably right - one forgets how many breaks from proper concentration I get in the office with people chatting, or asking me questions.

    I should probably give myself proper breaks every hour or so to make up for it (and have a gossip with myself!)



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