Thursday, 23 September 2010

A letter

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  1. It's so rare to see a letter nowadays! I have to say I'm lazy, plus my eyesight isn't great and I find it far easier to read something typed!

    Don't tell me the green paper is Cath Kidston too! ;)

  2. Oh yeah, one other thing, I lived in Diben Purlieu for 3 years when I was a very young child. I can't remember anything about it though, except hating school!

  3. I think you have to get used to someone's writing. Unfamiliar handwriting can be a struggle unless it's incredibly neat!!

    No it's Paperchase this time ;-)

    I don't know DP at all, one of those places that I have no reason to go to!


  4. Well I know a bit about some of the psychology you're reading about and Freud is...well, interesting. I have never heard of the Biscuit thing but it sounds yummy! Sign me up for one please! <3

  5. Thank you for writing a letter,you are so right, it is different to reading a typed message.
    Very interesting... hmm... I wonder how Freud would analyze this:)
    I put it down to the flow of thought being uninterrupted as you said yourself you can hardly get it down on paper fast enough. Well that might only apply to someone like me who cant type properly!
    No it's also that there is no editing, straight from the heart as it were.
    I'm really sorry for the pain you're in, hope it calms down for you soon.
    You must be suffering from cabin fever if sitting in a leaky tent(mine always leak)is where you'd rather be:)
    have another club sure they're only small, not like it's a mars bar or anything!

  6. I am not a huge Freud fan, but I am an avid Jung reader. The handwritten letter does much more to connect you with the rest of us than some computer generated message. Subliminal? Subconscious? Who knows, but we are with you, Juniper.

  7. Janie, apparently downward sloping handwriting "indicates that you are steadfast, purposeful, and possibly aloof". Oh well, could be worse ;-)

    JJ, not a Freud fan either, but since I've been studying I've stopped just saying "Freud was a nutter" and being interested in why he thought that way; undoubtedly because of his own relationship with his mother for a start...

    Glad you all liked the letter :-)



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